So, I Have A Question

A very simple question, or set of questions….

Originally, I had three blogs – this one, CrookedImagez for travel, and Crooked-And-Black for B&W photography.

I merged them into one. Was it a mistake?

How does my blog design look? I think it sucks. Maybe, I am bored with it…

I originally started my photographic musings on a separate page, that I now call “The Magic Frame”. I am thinking of moving this to the front page. What say, amigos?


  1. I prefer a simple easy to view layout. Some blogs I cannot find my way to their posts!
    I really think Anything Goes in the blogging world. Post what you feel like, how you feel like. If you are happy, chances are your followers are too 🙂

  2. I’m just using mobile app so I can’t really see the exact design of your page but all I can say is that simple, effective and easy to navigate website/blog is good. As long as your website don’t look cramp, I don’t think you’ll have a problem. I have seen a couple of independent blogs that.. well really annoying and confusing because of too many stuff going on in one page. Simple design and organised website/blog is very effective.

  3. I would say do as you want or as you feel the most confortable with that’s it. As long as you take pleasure in doing it that’s what matters 🙂 I can hardly tell you diffzretly trying to keep differznt blogs. One of rhe main problems is that it’s time multiplied by as many blogs you keep but sometimes it’s also good to keep different themes for different audience. It all depends on the way and time you want to give maintaining it. 🙂

  4. I like all-in-one format. Also, white type on a dark background is harder to read than black type on a white background. Your work is interesting and beautiful and your followers will follow along regardless…

  5. I like the merge, and this Site design works for me. As spanishwoods mentioned, the type can be difficult to read, (particularly for those of us who are . . . well . . . getting older 😉 Sharper contrast on the type would be cool, but either way, I like it! Peace . . .

  6. I like seeing all three together. Fewer blogs to follow makes my life simpler.

    I also like simplicity in layouts. One sidebar, menus discreetly placed at the top of the screen. Minimalist. FYI: I think my theme is too “heavy.”

  7. I love what you are doing and since I have not been here for a little bit I really see a huge improve evolving in your brand. I see it coming together and I say YAY for you go my friend! Yay! 😀 Sorry about all the comments but I literally am not busy. If you are online I am and I can help you with your logo if you like!

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