In Search Of A Leader

As I get into this post, I am going to make a disclaimer, to some extent. While much of what I write uses examples from India, the stuff I write about does not really pertain to India alone. I quote Indian examples, because this is the context of the world I currently occupy.

The ruling party at the Centre is the Bhartiya Janta Party, or the Indian Party for the Common Man. They lost the Delhi elections to the Aam Aadmi Party, or the Party For the Common Man.

You may notice the names of both parties claim that they represent the Common Man!

Anyway, the BJP came into power on an anti-Congress wave, and our Prime Minister started by talking about austerity, humility, hard work etc. However, he seemed to let his backing party, the RSS, shoot their mouths off about Hindu fundamentalism, and allowed them to vandalise churches. Then, he got himself a 17,000 US Dollar suit.

The AAP swept to power on the promise of free electricity, power etc to the citizens of Delhi. I have no idea how they will fund this. However, my sceptical mind asks the question – will they subsidise power, and hit the wallets of The Common Man elsewhere? After all, the books have to be balanced, and if other costs go up in Delhi, they can claim that this was not part of their manifesto. They would have kept their electoral promise.

A couple of years back, I read about how many leaders had gathered around to talk of sustainability. They spent lots of air miles, ate at huge banquet tables to talk of the problems of the world. A girl from a poor country was called up to make a speech, so that they could feel good about themselves

Which brings me to the fundamental question that I have always asked about many leaders that i see out there – what is their real motive?

Is their real motive power? Money? To be part of a coterie?
To actually do good for the people?

If I were to look at many of our leaders today, how many pass the acid test?

Are we in search of leaders, and leadership?



    1. Yeah.. I pondered this question a lot,especially when the Congress was in power. I kept thinking that there must be real poverty that prevails in India, if we cannot find leaders outside that one family

  1. It seems to be a recurring theme in all countries. Perhaps we need a standard by which we can evaluate? A good comparison might be to find a leader, from any point in history, who delivered on the promises.

    1. Two from India who come to mind, are Sher Shah Suri and Akbar. For the current bunch of crazy Hindu lunatics, it may be ironic to note that both these gents were Muslims
      Only two rulers in India’s History have been given the title “The Great” after their names – Ashoka and Akbar.

  2. I must admit to pondering the same kind of questions, relative to here. Im afraid I feel (here) that very few work for the common man or woman. It seems to be about the dollar these days… Well pondered Rajiv 😃

  3. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    Rajiv raises Good questions. Quite a few questions. And a Very well written article, as Rajiv’s always are!

    As to HOW the money for the Subsidies/Free deliveries (promised by the AAP) is going to come from: I have already written about this here and there, elsewhere.


    POINT: MOST OF IT DISAPPEARS INTO THE POCKETS OF POLITICIANS. (As Rajiv himself asserts in the banquets, the air miles and Hunger for MONEY on the part of politicos).


    Equation Resolved and Problem Solved!

  4. As the stunning election results show, Indians have been in search of new leaders definitely. Giving AAP a second chance speaks volumes about how fed u we are with dynasty politics and religion based politics. But its also time for younger and educated politicians to take the mantle (barring the rahul gandhi sorts!). They may not yet have proved themselves but need a chance to change the thinking and way in which politics has been working in India.

    1. I hope that they do well. I don’t know if you read that the Government claimed that the GDP grew by 7.4%, a claim that is disputed.
      It will be some egg on Modi’s face. Some more egg, that is! Not good for him, especially since he is vegetarian!

      1. Yes, it seems they are predicting growth to be 7.4% for this year, after revising the method for calculating GDP. This is what I find most hard to trust – when economists change methods based on whatever their assumptions. will have to wait and see how much the country actually REALLy grows – in terms of manufacturing, generation of jobs, etc

  5. Rajiv here’s what I think! I think basically people start out wanting to make a difference. I do but the power goes to their head and then also they become removed and so far off their original intent which was to make a difference. Living in a fishbowl must be hard with all eyes on your. What man/woman could take the scrutiny of this type of life? Unless you were a prophet but even they have their moments of weaknesses which makes them strong. I love your writing, You are a wise man! Truly! I think this about you! I do! 😀

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