One-Four Challenge – Part 2. Rishikesh Sunset

Rishikesh Part 2
Rishikesh Part 2

For this challenge, I am starting with the same .psd file. This does pose a challenge in it’s own way, because a part of the processing has been done in RAW already.

Since I was out all last week, I decided to do a simple B&W conversion. I used NIK Silver Efex, with a few control points thrown in for good measure.

Then, I applied a curves layer, and reduced the noise. I did consider sharpening it, but I noticed an artefact around the edges, so I decided against that.

Here you are.

Now, on to Week 3, and I am sweating!


  1. I think it works so well too Rajiv 😀
    You know, I did NOT notice the person on the left at all last week… I had to go back and check.. Wow, so unobservant of me 😛
    You’ll be great with week 3. That’s the challenge. Look forward to it as well. Another lovely edition, this week.

    1. Thanks Robyn. I like this challenge, cause it does precisely that… It challenges me to look at a photo in different ways. And, you get to see some fantastic work by other photographers.

  2. Such a mood changer this week, I really love the dark black and white. Last week’s colors were gorgeous too. But, I think this tells more of a story for some reason, and I love images that can do that! Great edit…and now the fun begins 🙂 Looking forward to seeing where you take this next week!

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