A Touch Of Whimsy: Hair & The Man

This post is inspired by a bloggy conversation that I had with a lady who goes by the moniker Lady Blue Rose. We conversed about hair, and the length of hair, and it’s effect on us.

It seems we both have army in our lives. Mine was my dad, and he wanted me to follow in his army boot steps. I declined the invitation. My hair was down to my shoulders, and it was nice and thick, and the army wanted me to cut my hair short.

So, off to engineering college I went, and my hair stayed long and wild. It was often the subject of much hysterical discussion amongst my relatives. They seemed to think that shorter hair was more the style. I felt that the longer hair represented me, my spirit.

You cannot deny that hair plays an important part in our lives. Remember Samson and Delilah?

Do you remember The Undertaker of the WWE? He was much better in his long haired persona as The Lord Of Darkness, than in his short haired persona as The American BadAss.

Long or short, it has to fit you…

Then, something strange happened. I joined the corporate world, and I grew in the corporate world. I was pretty senior at the end of my years in the corporate world. Strangely, the more senior I grew, the shorter my hair became, and the more well combed it became.

I started to fit the ideal.

What ideal did I start to fit?

Who’s ideal did I start to fit?

Mine? Or someone else’s?

Good questions, huh?

After I left the corporate world, I had to give up my anger with my last organisation. It took me a year to start to recognise the anger and to give it up. This was the time that i started to blog, and I started this blog as a ‘management blog’. It was so damned boring and pretentious.

During this period, my hair stayed short. Quite short.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that my future would be in consulting, photography and writing.

My clothes started to reflect something else. More jeans and T-Shirt, or shirt. Not too many variations of shirt or T-Shirt.

I thought of a ponytail and abandoned it. But, my hair grew longer. Month by month, it grew bit by bit. I won’t grow it down to my shoulders, because I don’t have as much hair on my head as I did when I was 18.

However, it is longer, and I like it. I like the feel of the extra inch.

A wee bit more of me.

Maybe, the next step will be a tattoo of Pan. I am not sure of this, ’cause i don’t want a wrinkled Pan on me as I grow older.

But, the hair.

Yeah. Just a wee bit longer. And, it makes me a wee bit more of me, a wee bit more of a free thinker, a wee bit more creative, a wee bit more intuitive, a wee bit more intelligent (what a joke, that last one 🙂 )

What’s your take on hair? or, your own style?



  1. I don’t give a dang, long or short, as long as it’s clean. My hair was once shoulder length. But it was such a pain to deal with, that I cut it down. Now mother nature regulates my hair length, lol. It’s short.

    1. In the mid 60s to the mid 70s, you could pretty much tell how a person thought. After that time, it was just “style” and had no bearing on how the person thought.

  2. Hair is just the tip of the iceberg. To be a member of the right herd, you have to wear certain clothes, say certain things, eat certain foods, have a specific weight, get your teeth capped and your face rearranged…. I wonder why we humans want to look exactly alike?

    It is such a joy to see someone with purple hair and bizarre clothes!

  3. Hello Rajiv,
    Another great read today 🙂
    I agree with most of the comment, it’s good to go with (your natural) flow 🙂 Whatever makes you feel most comfortable and happy.

  4. Great post,
    My hair was longer, somewhere between my ears and my shoulders, from 16 up until I cut it short about six months ago. It really seems like people are much more welcoming, where ever I go, now that it’s shorter. Strange what kind of importance people place on the length of men’s hair. Did you get the same feeling back when you cut it short? it’s about back down to my ears. I think I’ll just keep it there for now.

  5. You wrote this post for me – now I won’t have to!! Husband’s asked me to do a post on hair. HIS. Beautiful. LONG. HAIR. He is so proud of it. Has discovered all the itty bitties of intriguing inconveniences that women have had to suffer, like the need to tie it behind when eating so it doesn’t stick to his food. Quite fun for him, it seems. (He’s very manly, by the way. Brazilian Samba drummer, computer geek, drone builder, you-name-it.) But anyways, you’ve said it all for me. =) And I enjoyed how you did, how you followed the story of your own selfhood in the growing and cutting. As to where to go from here, hey, whatever toots your horn.

      1. We were “arguing” just now and he said, “Hey, remember who’s supposed to wear the pants in the family.” And before the dirty look could reach him, he immediately answered it in slightly lower pitch. “YOU are. Because I have the long hair.” LOL!!! We LoLed.

      2. Ha!Ha! I remember a quote from Sean Penn. from when he was married to Madonna. He said, “I don’t know who wears the pants in this marriage, but I am the one who takes them off”!

  6. I grew up on a military base, so short hair on men has always appealed to me. But nowadays….if your hair is clean…then let it flow. Let the wind run thru it and enjoy. 🙂

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