I Will Now Keep My Mouth Shut…… Day 7 and The Last

I will now keep my mouth shut.

We drove back today. Rather, I did the driving, and since I was tired, I drove fast and with almost no break. While I was at the Pong Dam, it started raining, and the wind was blowing fast. So, I caught a cold, with lots of body ache. I still had two days of driving to do, and I was determined to make the best of it.

The mustard fields were wet, and I could not get photographed in them, sadly. Still, I did get some corny pictured taken, and I shall post them AFTER Obama leaves India.

You see, he is coming to India. India became an independent nation on the 15th August 1947.

In the years that followed, the princely kingdoms were abolished and the states were created. We became a Republic on the 26th Jan, 1950. We have a parade every year, and it is very cool. These days, because of the security, it is more fun to watch it on TV. You are not even allowed to carry a bottle of water into the grounds.

This year, Obama has been invited, and he arrives in the next two days. His 400-strong security people have already arrived, and traffic restrictions are starting. He is bringing his own car and fuel all the way from the USA to India. I wonder if the same money could be used to fight global hunger.

The US also asked the Indian Government to cancel a few of the items at the end of the Parade – the flypast by our Air Force. Now, this is a great thing to watch, and thankfully we refused.

It seems he will visit the Taj Mahal. He will fly there, but they have prepared an alternative road route, just in case. It seems that the highway has been blocked for him – all 200 km of it!! Talk about an exclusive drive!

Anyway, I was keen to get back home fast. We have, these days three kinds of jam:

– fruit jams

– traffic jams

– Obama jams

I prefer fruit jams!

Until the next time then!


  1. Sounds kind of outrageous. I’m not sure how we can build goodwill with India when we have your highways blocked. We have a governor in New Jersey who blocked access to a bridge. It could cost him his presidential ambitions. Obama could take a lesson from him.

      1. I’ve never heard of a whole highway being blocked off because Obama or some other president may just so happen to decide to travel over it. But main roads, freeways and highways do get blocked off shortly before they actually travel over them. We’d be really pissed if they did here what they’re doing over in your country. We love our cars and love to travel. Cars are our sacred cows. lol

      2. Cars are rapidly becoming our Holy Cows as well.. They do block roads when a VIP travels. The highway thing – if the paper is correct – is new for us as well. Special treatment for Obama?

      3. I guess so. Although I wonder if there’s some sort of terrorist threat going on that they’re taking very seriously.

      4. In India? We always have terrorist threats.. I have been lucky several times. The last time, I was heading to the High Court in Delhi. At the last minute, I made a detour and a bomb went off.

        We have terror threats all the time.. I don’t think that the West gets to know all of it

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