I am Starting To Keep My Mouth Shut….. Day 6

We left McLeod Ganj today. Not before I caught a cold and a chill. It has been raining since yesterday, and I got wet while doing photography in the cold, wet windy Pong Dam. It was so grey that we could not see a thing.

The plan was to leave at 8:30 am originally. This was based on the assumption that we would have fine weather, and we could photograph the ancient and admirable Kangra Fort in good weather.

This changed. When I woke up, it was cold, windy, chilly and wet. So, I wrapped the covers around myself and refused to budge from the warmth of the bed. Finally, at 8 am, I heard a growl. Realising that it was my stomach, I dragged myself out and ordered myself a cuppa chai and an egg. Sitting on the sofa of the little hotel, looking out at the mountains, I read the next chapter of Percival Spear’s history of the later Mughals. At 8:40, the rumbling sound that was emanating from my bedroom stopped, and it was the sign that my travelling buddy had woken up. He is officially called Sheikh Hassan Ali Motusaheb Topiwallah from Dubai. For is trip, I resorted to calling him “Bada Saheb”, or “Big Saheb”, which loosely translates as “Big Chief” in Native American speak, or “Big BossMan” in WWE-Speak.

We left at 10 am. No “Zwee”. Sorry to disappoint.

However, we headed off to the Kangra Fort, and ended up at a wonderful museum of one of the old kings. There, BigBossMan had his second breakfast. I had tea, and we warmed our cameras and our tootsies by the fire. I did photograph the Fort from a distance. I had no intention of walking in the fort in the pouring rain.

En route, we met a bunch of bikers from the town called Nasik. Times have changed. It has been 20 odd years since I went to that town, and those days all it had was traders who would sit in their shop and lazily scratch their balls. How times have changed. Now, the town has bikers.

We drove in the dreary rain, and we drove. Finally when we reached the plains, reality hit us, and we were stuck in a jam that lasted an hour. Why the jam? Road repair, and the double fun of people trying to sneak their way through the road works.

When we were leaving the hills, they said, ‘Oh, it won’t be raining in the plains. They plains are too low. ”

What rot. It has been raining across the North for the last two days. Dull, grey sky and rain.

At 5 pm, we stopped for tikki and chai.

Still no “Zweeee”…

Oh gosh… I am staying at Big BossMan’s cousin’s house. With two glasses of Old Monk Rum (the best rum in the world), under my belt, I am a bit sleepy…

We start the last leg of our drive back tomorrow. The mustard fields are dying. Let’s see if I manage a selfie in one tomorrow….

My mouth is starting to shut…… After I yawn…..


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