I still could not keep my mouth shut! …. Day 3

Before i start, I must say that I tried to comment on your posts, and reply to your comments but WP refused to let me do so. It kept blaming something weird and mysterious called an “unexpected error”

Anyway, we started the morning with a nice little omelette at the Moon Peak Cafe. Very nice omelette actually. The coffee, to wake me up, was not so good. The sky was blue, the trees are tall so from there we went to the main temple of the Dalai Lama. The old man himself is not in town, so I walked around the temple. It is very nice, and very peaceful actually.

We decided to hire out a car to take us around to some of the places. First stop was to a place called Gopu Temple. Dedicated to the Goddess Gopu. Snow was on the ground, and I walked around. Strangely, it is not cold. But, I did not think that it was as warm as this American chap did. He was walking around in a thin T-Shirt, giving all of us an inferiority complex. And, I have a decent ability to stand the cold. And, chilli as well. But, the sauce that I had with my fried momos was spicy, and I started to hop. The old lady who sold me the stuff, said, “Spicy hey, daddy?”

Daddy? Me? Bloody hell!

Anyway, from Gopu to Dharamkot. I walked into the village, and then decided to walk back to McLeodGanj, while my pal came back in the car. It was a lovely walk through the deodar forest, past the mountaineering institute.

Lunch was Tibetan thukpa.

Then to the Bhagsu Temple. This is an old (150 years old) Shiv Temple, which was once revered by the Gurkha Regiment. Behind that is the Bhagsu Falls. I did not walk to the Falls, but I climbed down the rocks to the mountain stream. And, what did I find? That people had chucked their waste wrappers and Coke bottles into the stream! I tell you, we do not deserve our planet.

Finally, to a village called Nadi, where I saw the mountains glowing in the sunset. Standing in front of the mountains, I thought – If there is a God, God is here and not in the belly of a corrupt priest.

Before dinner, I decided to have an aloo tikki.. A potato tikki… A potato whatever.

A Brit was having his samosas packed, and as he left the friendly restaurant chap called out, “Sweet Dreams…”

Sweet Dreams?”Your boyfriend?”, I asked.

“no”, was the retort.

“You normally wish your lover sweet dreams”, I said.

Later, as I left, he called out, “I am not going to wish you sweet dreams….”

I really cannot keep my mouth shut, it seems!


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