I can’t keep my mouth shut… sorry (1). Day 1

I had promised 7 days of the Sounds of Silence, but I think I like the sound of my own keyboard clanking.

And, I am tired… Actually, I slept at 1 am last night, which was stupid of me…I overslept and left home at 7:30 am. I went to my pal’s home to find him sorting out his packing. We finally left Delhi at 9:30 am, which is freaking late. The fog had hit us, and by the time we were on the highway, visibility was down to 100 metres. This is good visibility compared to the conditions I have driven in.

We stopped to pee by the roadside, and I took out my film camera to shoot some of the trees in the fog using B&W film. I am carrying 3 cameras for this trip – My Coolpix, My F75 and my D 200.

Then, we stopped for parathas with white butter at a place called Murthal. Then, we stopped for chai and toast at a Dhaba in Karnal. The Zhilmil Dhaba, which is the only place I know that can bugger up a plate of toast and butter. From there we pulled off the national highway onto the state highway, going into the Kurukshetra region. Reaching Pehowa, I turned right and then left to Patiala. We stopped for some more tea, and groundnut in the shell. An old lady yelled at me for taking her photo. By this time the sun was up, and it turned warm. So suddenly, we started stripping on the highway. Okay, we did not wander around nude, but we took off most of the outer covering!

Post Patiala, we pulled off the country road, back onto the State Highway, and then to the National Highway again to Ludhiana.

The fields in Kurukshetra were now growing mustard. When I was here in July, they were growing rice. I like the yellow of mustard flowers. This is actually the end of the mustard-spinach season.

Strangely, there were no good dhabas on the Punjab roads. Strange. We did stop at Kentucky Fried, cause we needed to unload the extra stuff in the intestines. I lined the seat of the White Throne with paper, before squatting.

Here in Ludhiana we had some fantastic tandoori chicken at Aman’s Chicken. And ice cream at “Basant”. Their tag line is, “Cum and Eat….”

What are they thinking?


Tomorrow is another day…

G’Night All… The Sheikh has gone to smoke!


  1. I like Sukhdev ka Dhaba in Murthal…I think you should have explained him the meaning Sir just the way you explained it to me 😀

    Have a great journey…click some awesome pictures for your readers 🙂

  2. OMG that was funny!
    I have a Coolpix too! That thing takes the best moon shots. Also it captures sunrises like nobody’s business.
    I love the stopping on the side of the road. You guys stop for tea and bread with butter? I would stop for ice cream if there was any. I love it and never eat it but if I am traveling I do.
    They have Kentucky Fried there? Wow that is a surprise. There is a convenience store change here named Kum N Go. So yes I can believe that tagline! You know why they do that don’t you? Because it caught you attention and your mentioned it. Free advertising. That’s a gimic when you are designing ads you try to find tags that grab attention and that one surely does.
    Have a safe trip with your friend. Sounds like a version of Family Vacation with Chevy Chase. You being Chevy. LOL
    I’ll tune in tomorrow. 🙂 Happy Trials to You

    1. Buttered toast dipped in masala chai is a spot if heaven in the culinary world…
      Yes, we have KFC and McDonalds. They are now starting to pop up on the highways as well. Burger King opened… Heart disease, here we come… But, on the highway they offer relatively clean toilets.. Good for anything more involved than a pee!

      1. OMG that was some TMI. I can tell we are good friends because now we talk about bathroom stuff. That made me laugh! You are so funny! Have fun! Be safe. Keep it between the ditches!

      1. We are.. I wanted to play Jethro Tull today… But Ian Anderson’s flute playing and his snoring did not gel well together!

  3. Paratha, my dear. I LOVE Muli Paratha, and it has become a regular feast in my house here in Germany (selfmade, I have to confess, but very much tasty, nevertheless, though most probably not as good as the Indian ones 😀 ).

    And Ludhiana – there are some nice memories with me as well. 🙂

      1. Yes, we have a special kind of horse raddish in Germany, rather small and quite hot, looking a little bit like a white carrott, and due to its really spicy taste the Paratha just tast’s double as good … 😀

      1. Dil wale dulhaniya lehjayenge !!! DDLJ the movie…famous for the shot in the mustard fields 😄how can the shah of blah not remember it?

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