Going Beyond Abandoned Beauty

Decaying Beauty
Decaying Beauty
Polluted Beauty
Polluted Beauty
Entish Beauty
Entish Beauty










I have just finished shooting “Abandoned Beauty”, which is a collection of photographs of rust patterns that were formed on two burnt out cars. I had shot the cars in the morning sun, the afternoon sun, in the shade, in fog. I used the flash, a torch and candlelight to create some interesting ( I hope ) but subtle effects.

The inspiration for this project came from my background as a metallurgical and corrosion engineer. I have dealt with corrosion and their abstract patterns for much of my early years. I was always fascinate by the patterns that were visible under the microscope and the scanning electron micrograph.

To some extent, this project closed the loop between the then and the now. It has inspired me to contemplate studying fractals later this year, as well as chaos theory. Maybe, I will push chaos theory to 2016.

Subsequent to that, I have decided to extend this to three other areas. These are the patterns on trees (with the working title “Entish Beauty”), patterns of pollution (Polluted Beauty) and decaying architecture (Decaying Beauty). I have considered shooting decaying leaves instead, for Decaying Beauty, but maybe not.

By the end of the year, I hope to have 25 shots of each, which I can put up and say – ‘Not bad at all!”.

Sadly, I cannot call the one on trees, “Entish Beauty”, or Tolkien’s descendants will be unhappy. This is understandable from their perspective, but sad.

I like the concept of the shepherds of the trees. Given the way that our environment is slowly decaying, we need Ents. The need of the hour for the Ents to arise and make themselves felt in the real world, is now.

Till then, we do what we can do to see beauty in the most unlikely places.




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