Sometimes a guy…… is a jackass!

Sometimes, and every now and then, a guy can be a complete jackass.

I was sitting in a coffee shop this afternoon – at Nehru Place, to be exact. And, at Starbucks, to be more exact. I actually don’t like Starbucks in India. Horrible coffee and uncomfortable seats. Costa Coffee and Coffee Bean are much better. However, I was too lazy to walk across to Costa Coffee, and so I found myself in Starbucks. I am, by the way, a tea drinker and not a coffee drinker. Coffee, to me, is brown,muddy liquid.

I was in a bad mood, and I had had some absolutely yummy but spicy mutton biryani. I have, over my years in consumer sales in India, developed a reasonable ability to tolerate spicy food, but today took the cake. I had my tongue lolling out, and steam coming out of my ears. And, steam in my brain.

Luckily, I saw this chap having coffee with a young girl. They were there for each other’s company, and not the coffee. Their coffee was long gone, and they sat chatting with each other.

He was wearing some strange hoody, and was seated, with his body square into the table. She was wearing a short jacket, top and nice trousers, with red shoes. Her finger nail polish matched the shoes. Her chair was angled towards him, and she sat towards him, with open body.

As he spoke, she laughed, arranged her hair, and swung her foot up and down. Every now and then, she would take her shoe off, and swing her pink toenails dangerously close to his knee. All the time, she continued to sit with him, body open towards him, arranging her hair, and occasionally preening for him.

I was tempted to take a photograph, but held my temptation to do so.

His body did not move one millimetre towards her. There were times when she sat there, and he attended to his phone. Then, he would speak to her, evidently more into his speech than into the look in her eyes, and her body language.

This went on for more than half an hour. An empty table stood between them, and I think that the man regarded his closed hands and the table as some sort of insurmountable rock.

Or maybe, in his smug laughter, he just did not see the body language.

Or, maybe, under that stupid hoody, he just did not know how to respond.

Sometimes a guy ……. is just a jackass!!

NB:- I think The Shah Of Blah now needs to wake up…


  1. as some other said it can be applied to any gender, sometimes you can be so blind to other / your companion body language and just have small reaction to show your attention & care to the other… we can all go through that kind of phase, and with time you try to learn from life and take things easy and enjoy every kind of those magic moments.

  2. If some people can be tone-deaf, perhaps this guy is just blind to body language. On the other hand, he could also be one of those jerks that some pretty women inexplicably go for.

  3. sooo….my question is…why did the shah of blah not take matters into hos own hands…he could have taught the guy with a hoodie what it means to have chai!!!

      1. It’s the first thing I thought of. I see it so often…women wanting to be with someone for all the wrong reasons. Who knows if that was her case, but as some women friends you know to see if they’ve ever thought of that. I’d be surprised if they said no.

  4. Yes, sometimes they can be complete jackasses, but then again shouldn’t she recognize when someone isn’t interested and move on? Anyway, loved how hard she was working at helping him along. He probably was nervous and totally unaware. I would have enjoyed watching this couple. I could’ve walked by and mentioned how cute they both were as a couple. Suppose that would have helped her along?

  5. People watching is fun and it really tempts into digging for the back story. Who knows from what these actions were stemmed – or maybe he simply WAS a jackass 🙂

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