Looking Over On To North Korea


The Cold, Cold Border
The Cold, Cold Border

Many years back, when I was in Seoul, I was taken across to the border.

Across the waters, you can see the border to North Korea.

I took the shot with a dinky camera, and created this effect to mimic the chill I felt in my bones that day.

It was a cold day – daytime temperatures of -5 degrees centigrade. However, as I looked across at the Hermit Kingdom and thought of it’s unfortunate citizens, the cold I felt went deep into my bones..


    1. Yeah, thanks. Especially when you think that the people of North Korea, as per most accounts, have almost nothing – not even personal freedom..

    1. Hi Julie.. Yes. Travelling in South Korea is like travelling through a consumer goods fantasy land, in some respects. The Koreans are very traditional, but very tech and consumer savvy. And then, we saw this room decorated in the North Korean style. There is such a contrast. Looking over at the borders to North Korea, you are reminded that you are looking over at a country where the citizens have almost nothing, not even personal freedom. This is chilling.

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