Part One Done… Now, The Hard Work Begins..

Men At Work
Men At Work

Part One done… I just finished the photography for two projects. I finished “Abandoned Beauty” yesterday. I may just revive it, but maybe it shall be done in a different form. “Abandoned Beauty” is a project where I photographed two burnt out cars, focussing on abstract patterns. I photographed them in sunlight, fog, rain, flash, torch and candlelight!

I also finished a one year long street photography project in the Walled City of Delhi. I started on the 4th Jan last year, and I finished the photography today. I will go back to photograph some of the monuments like Kashmere Gate, Red Fort and the like… But, I have done the street photography that I set out to do.. Now, I need to figure out what to do with them! Let’s see what the next month brings in terms of ideas! Sadly today, my lens stopped focussing well. Maybe, my Nikon D200 is aching with old age, and wants to retire. But, how do you retire a faithful, strong old warrior? How do you retire an old friend? Sigh…


  1. Well done on finishing your ‘street photography project’. It sounds fascinating and I look forward to seeing the photos.
    Wishing you a fulfilling 2015.

  2. Good question …

    But just may be you’ll find a respected drawer to fit that lens and simply try another one …?

    Me as well has still most of the oled lenses lying around, despite the fact that I could have sold them many a times. As you have said, it really is difficult to part with an old and reliable friend …

    Happy New Year and the best possible success for all of your undertakings,

  3. Happy 2015! I look forward to your street photography collection.

    I wish I had a good camera when I was in India, there is simplicity and complexity ingrained in the Indian culture I feel and the art of photography lies in being able to capture a glimpse of the lives of those, one photographs, something you do very well in your clicks.
    Especially the second one, a group of men simply lazing around on a cold morning it would seem, but each of them has a story to tell if one looks closely, their mismatched rags, their worn out faces, their curious eyes, their inadequate footwear… I can go on and on, I think I should just stop. Calling it a beautiful shot may be like mocking at their misery, so I will just settle with – “a moving picture”

    What a coincidence, my canon lens stopped focusing a couple of days back too, all I did was reset all settings to default factory settings and it worked like a charm, I am not sure the same trick will work for Nikon, but you could give it a try if you haven’t.

    1. Thanks for the comment.. Yes, what you say is true about India. Yet, there is a complexity underlying it all.

      I will try that reset option..

    1. Actually, this has given me the idea of expanding the concept of “beauty”. Once that is done, I shall put that into an IBooks thingy. For this one, once I clean it up a bit, I shall put it on my Behance/500px sites. Shall send you the link thereafter

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