The March To War – Some More Street Art

The March
The March
















This is a bit of street art on the walls of one of the emporiums in Delhi. I pass this quite often, and one day I just stopped my car and took some pictures.

One of these days, I need to shoot all this amazing art in RAW, and not just Jpeg.

I did process this using Niks Colour Analogue or something. I find these filters very good when processing stuff that is meant to be a wee bit more arty-farty.

However, if you think back on the days of old, the soldiers did do a lot of hard work, and undertook long marches, to get to the battle fields. Hardy folk…

Those were the days when kings also went to war…

On another note, I am almost at the end of photographing a particular project that I undertook on the 4th Jan this year. Then starts the rather frightening part of selecting, editing etc.. But, it should be fun..



    1. Hi Julie. Yes, I do shoot in JPEG as well. Normally, when I use my old, old SLRS then I shoot in JPEG and RAW together.

      I also have two point and shoot cameras, which are fun to use.

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