Screwing With The Sun

Abstract Moon
Abstract Sun






















I really screwed with the sun in this shot.

The original was the shot of the sun that I took on a cloudy morning in Rottach Egern.

I inverted the colours

I then added some Bokeh stuff on an IPad programme, added some Tangled FX effect.

Slight adjustments on Photoshop on IPad

Then, Topaz Glow, Nik Viveza, a few curves effects and…… voila!

You have the sun, ladies and gentlemen, in a new avtaar!

I do have some other stuff that I am fiddling with this shot…

Digital Art. Not strictly photography anymore….


  1. oh, one can play on just photoshop for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and yeah, addicting like crack cocaine or a really good video game! its a beautiful outcome! avatar or logo, it make me think of a movie production house on-screen image, like they have at the beginning of video/movie offerings. =)

    1. Thanks! I did look at some other filters and gave up.. These are very good.
      I am also glad that I am not in art class, like my daughter. She has to record every step of her journey. She has to collect all scraps of rejected material, make screen shots… The works!

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