Did I Save Someone’s Life Tonight?

Last night we heard about a terrible accident on the highway to Agra. The fig was dense, and visibility was down to 10 metres on the road.

Yet, we Indians pray to God and believe we can defy death, and defy the odds. With visibility at 10 metres, you would think that people would drive slowly. But no. Even on Christmas Eve, people don’t believe in safety.

Soon enough, there was a collision.

The collision soon escalated to a pile up of 48 cars that had smashed into each other, and over 30 people died.


In many parts of India shop keepers deliver goods to customers. I was at the pharmacy late this evening, and the shopkeeper told his chap that some medicines needed to be delivered urgently. The delivery boy said, “I’ll have them delivered in 15 minutes, boss!”

I turned to the boy, and said, “Don’t break traffic rules”

The shopkeeper laughed and said, “Yeah, right!”

That’s when I told the delivery boy of the smash up, and I asked him if he wanted to add his name to the list of those who died.

I sensed hesitation in his eyes, and he told his boss, “Maybe I need more time to deliver – a bit more than 20 minutes.”

The question is – Did I Save Someone’s Life Tonight?


    1. I will check the video.

      Give an Indian a wheel and you have a crazy, frothing maniac.. I was like that. Now, with grey hair, I have sobered. I still drive fast, but not like a crazy lunatic

      1. I wish more people could say that. My older son nearly got killed in a car accident because of someone else’s phone use.

  1. Hello Rajiv,
    I also hope your advice to the young man saved his (and others’) lives.
    I’m glad there are folks like you, who can take a moment to think of their fellow human 🙂
    Best wishes,

  2. That is certainly good advice…and you certainly saved a life. But I bet the shopkeeper wasn’t pleased to hear it. 😛
    Oh and you misspelled (accidentally, I’m sure) fog in the first line.

  3. Rajiv you never know what a well intentioned remark will do. All you can do is make it and hope for the best. Has to be done.


    There are legal laws and there are lawful laws. These latter I obey (including taking care of others by behaving sensibly for example) to the best of my ability.. Legal laws were set up by fallible human beings, which involve sets of rules the infraction of which can attract punishment by rather than by listening to that which we know and feel within. When legal laws are in synch with lawful laws I obey them; if not not so much. Sadly, it appears these days many people are losing touch their connecting with their Inner Guide.

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