My Young Assistants… Good Dudes…

Assistant Number One
Assistant Number One
Assistant Number Two
Assistant Number Two
Assistant Number Three
Assistant Number Three

Unless I have lost the ability to count, and read, this is post number 200. Originally, I thought that I would bring in the inimitable Shah Of Blah for this post, but then I thought that he would rest for a day or two, and make room for three young gentlemen. There were actually four, but the photo of the fourth turned out to be a bit blurry.

I took pictures of the first two kids on a sunny weekend two weekends  ago, when I was on my “Abandoned Beauty” project. I took a picture of the third kid was taken on a colder, more gloomy weekend. The clouds were coming in, the fog was lifting and the Heaven’s were threatening a light drizzle. That means, it was okay for the humans, but bad for my baby camera.

I was busy minding my own business, ignoring the confused looks of the passers by who all thought that  I was insane to photograph burned out cars. Then, these kids popped by. I was experimenting with off camera flashes on the one weekend, and torch light on the other. These young kids decided to help me, and angled my flash (and torch) to help me get a few different shots from the ones I may have ordinarily got.

They are cool cats, and here they are.

Say hello, y’all!


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