Messing Around While I Am Bored


I took this picture from my IPad. We talk of clean India, but people will chuck their garbage around a trash can, and not into a trash can. No wonder we lose Test Matches in cricket. We just cannot hit the stumps. Dang! Now, we know the secret!

Anyhow, this is a rather shitty aspect of Indian culture. We blame the government for everything, and do not do a shit ourselves to improve the country.

It is YOUR problem, you see.
It is YOUR responsibility, not mine.
YOU are accountable, not me.
I can scratch my arse and fart, but YOU cannot dare to do the same thing.

For those interested, I first did some fiddling with Tangled FX on the IPad. I created an etching.
I then edited it on Lightroom Mobile, and applied a selenium tint to it.
I further applied some finishing touches via Photoshop Express.

All while getting bored, and waiting for a telephone call.


  1. I wrote a post on it long time ago…we Indians really have bad habits of throwing peeing spitting everywhere in the world…Modi is working hard on Swachta Abhiyan and people are still making mess…specially the educated ones…

      1. I remember that Sir…I am really trying to understand the true nature of education and who should be call educated 🙂

  2. “We” do the same in America, certain neighborhoods are very clean…money talks, nobody wants to get fined…is that what it takes to want a neighborhood look nice, the fear of being fined, not wanting to pay money to the government to keep the neighborhood clean where “you” live?

    Don’t you want to take some kind of pride in your environment? Apparently not!! Rural neighborhoods look as if it been hit by a garbage cyclone while center city and “ritzy” neighborhoods look pristine.

    1. Wow. I did not know that. I have seen parts of American cities that don’t look as clean as others, but I guess that compared to india, they look good!
      Coming to think of that, I did see a slight deterioration in Singapore as well

  3. I love this effect (these effects), Rajiv.
    As for trash, it’s much the same in Australia – there are bins everywhere, but somehow litter gets chucked on the floor.

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