Electric Gladiola – Some Fun!

Electric Gladiola
Electric Gladiola


Just me, funning around with the new Topaz Glow filter I am trying out.

It is fun… It expands the possibilities of me creating some fun digital art


  1. I just saw that Topaz Glow ad in my email yesterday and was wondering how it would be. I love filters! Nice result with this. I bet xmas photos would be cool with it.

      1. I plan to use some of these filters to try and create some “digital art”. Once I apply some of these filters, they are no longer photographs to me

      2. Yes me too. I’m moving in that direction myself. We will have to keep an eye out for each other. I follow so many people that I know I miss people here and there. 😦 Sorry I am sporadic.

      3. It’s awesome! I just posted a comment there. You did an AMAZING job with that! I’m impressed. Thanks for doing it. It’s fun to play off each other like that.

      4. Well…after looking at this again, the glowy lines are almost like the Tangled FX app I use on my ipad. I ship the photoshopped photo to my ipad and use Tangled FX which is an awesome app and how I got the recent coneflower the way it looked. There is a setting in this Topaz Glow that is similar but not quite. It would be handy to have it as a plug in instead of shipping it to my ipad.

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