Tokyo Station. Night

Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station

I used to travel to Japan, and always enjoyed travelling to that country. It is one of the most fascinating countries I have travelled to. I cannot pretend to understand the many layers in Japanese culture.

It is in Japan that I made my very first foray into digital photography. A new journey started in that country

I used to stay at the Maronouchi Hotel in Tokyo. This is right next to the train station. This photo was taken from my hotel window. Looking down, I took a series of shots of people going into and out of the station.

Height, and night, gives you a different perspective. Melancholy. And everything looks so small. Everyone looks so small.

This picture was taken with a borrowed 4 Megapixel camera. I tweaked it just a wee bit.


  1. great & impressive image – In 1889, the Governor of Tokyo prefecture issued the Tokyo City Improvement Ordinance, setting in motion the construction of an elevated railway line between two terminals, Shimbashi and Ueno. The Tokyo prefectural government also established a plan for the installation of a central station in the middle of Tokyo around the same time.

      1. Looking forward to it 🙂
        Actually, the ‘renovation’ didn’t change the classic brick architecture (thankfully), but instead cleaned it up and brought out all its architectural splendor!

      2. Yeah. This is one think that I have noticed about the Japanese. Quiet perfection. It has never ceased to amaze me. My hotel room in the Maronouchi Hotel was tiny, but so well designed that I seemed to have more space than in many larger hotel rooms. I saw this in the way that (in Shigeraki) they resurrected a really shoddy piece of pottery that I made. What I did was ugly. What they then made from it was beautiful!

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