Monochrome Madness – Yami


Her name is not Yami. I just called her that. Yami is the Goddess of the Yamuna River, one of the main rivers of India, one of the holy rivers of India.

It is also one of India’s most polluted rivers. So much for the way we treat the holy.

She lives by the bank of the river in Delhi, and helps run a school for homeless children. Her home was washed away once, but she helps the kids with a smile on her face.

She could indeed be Yami


    1. Thanks. Yeah. She reminds me of a story I read when I was 10, about beautiful hands. The hands that served were the most beautiful of all

  1. Yamuna is next only to the Ganga in her sacredness, for the Hindus. According to legend, Yamuna was a great favourite of her father Surya, the Sun god. Her mother Sanjna could not bear to look at her bright and dazzling husband. As she looked upon him with ā€œsamyamaā€ (meaning restraint in Sanskrit) their son was called Yama

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