Sigh…. WP and comments…

Sigh… I just returned from a town called Panipat…. Have been looking at blogs, and WP does not let me comment on anyone’s.



  1. I think there is something wrong with the settings of WP. My problem is I could not see those who like my post except in the notification. The message always says….loading!

  2. How frustrating! A few months ago I had a problem with WP also. I worked with tech support for about a week, and we finally got it cleared up.

  3. Click on your avatar and you’ll find a drop-down list. Choose “Help”. There, you can type in a question. It took a few days for me to receive a response, when I did this, but eventually someone got to me and we worked together to figure out the problem.

  4. I think there’s a bug happening on WP lately. I have instances that I have unfollowed some bloggers but I never unfollowed them, I have to search for them again to re-follow them, so you might want to check yours especially if they are not showing on your feed. Also Rajiv I can’t see any of your posts but I’m still following you. I had problems liking and commenting too 2 days ago then it suddenly got fixed again. I just woke up now and there’s a new update version of wordpress so you might want to update yours. Maybe that is why there’s been errors because they are trying to update. Hope this info helps everyone. Have a good weekend WP! And welcome back Rajiv 😀

  5. HI! I emailed ya! Why can’t you comment? I’ve been having a lot of troubles. I lost all my email post alerts so I never know when someone posts and I don’t have time to stay on my reader. Most frustrating. What did you end up doing?

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