The Journey To Hell – 6

This is the last that I wrote of this journey. I wonder if I should continue

“Yes, I would kill you, if I can”
Repeated Puss, “I’ve shown my hand.
It is you I truly hate
I’ve put it all on my plate.”
Lucifer looked at her through hooded eyes
And thought, “Oh, she thinks I lie”

He looked at her, and said
“Young lady, you make a mistake
I am no ape, no human liar
I did not eat the apple, and burn with fire
Of lust, of desire, of greed,
And please pay heed, to what I say”

“I did not shed blood, that is not my game
I did not ask for blood, to be shed in my name
I merely play an actor’s role
In the play of life, in the play of death.
I shake with mirth, to see humans pray
For their souls, for which they pay.”

“They pay with money, they pay with blood
Innocents die, for the Gods they cry.
I did not invent love,
I did not invent hate
I did not rise from the Holy Ape.”

“I am what I am, a twin of God
We are joined at the hip
We come from one pod.
Divinity is a joke, as is the seed you plant
Of everlasting Heaven, of everlasting Hell.
Think about this before you plant
Another pod, and give birth to a sod.”


  1. I wouldn’t let this get lost, at the least iF I were you. Make a tab in your menu and if it ever hits you to add to it then it will be accessible to everyone. This is one of your pillar pieces.

      1. Very well written. You should think about submitting it for publishing somewhere. Not sure where, though. I’ll let you know if I see somewhere it will fit. You have a gift, Rajiv. Fan the flames! 🙂

  2. Brilliant Mr. Chopra. Especially liked the bit about – joined at the hip and being an actor in the drama. I would very much like to see you continue this.

  3. You know I love this! I love this series! It’s the very first thing I read on your blog! I like how you write with a hint of devilish knowledge! That’s exactly how it seems! 😄😄😄

    1. Thanks. This was written as a bit of a lark a year ago, and then I stopped. I often wondered if I should continue. Maybe I will, but when the “flow” returns

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