The Journey To Hell – 5

Puss sat down, and broke her crown
She gazed through fiery eyes
“Oh Lucifer, I despise your lies,
Your sophistry, your clever smiles.
What do you know of Love and Hate?
You, who hold desire at bay?”

“I am young, and I have feeling
I am true, though time is fleeting
I have the courage to feel love’s fire
I have the faith that I will get my desire.
Of Love and Hate, I do not care
I will get all that there is to see here”

“Love and Hate are but words
Do they have meaning that you
Would care to share?
Who who play with people’s hearts,
Would true feeling
Set your heart a-beating?”

“Your faithless heart is all I see
A mere trickster is all you’ll be
I was wrong to think God is a liar
You are the one who should be
Set on fire”

“I shall watch you burn, and burn
I shall put your ashes in the urn
I shall dance on your unholy Grave
They shall admire me for being so brave.
I shall put a stake in your heart
And sell it on the shelves of Super Mart”

Puss laughed and laughed and cried
The tears of joy rolled from her eyes
Her cheeks were moist
With unholy glee
She looked at Lucifer from
Her bended knees!


  1. It makes me think of that quote, “Don’t become the monsters you are fighting.” Excellent as always, Rajiv. 🙂

  2. Excellent stuff. Just one thing though – in the 3rd verse – where it says ‘who who play with people’s heart’…should it be ‘ You who play….’?

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