Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time
Frozen In Time

This is the last of the mannequins.

Their frozen eyes are like so many of us. Frozen.


I do have a much more minimalist version of this picture as well, but I thought that this was cool enough


  1. Very cool indeed!
    Mannequins always made me feel a little uncomfortable, mostly because of their ‘frozen eyes.’ Sadly, you see too many ‘zombies’ in Tokyo too… 😦

  2. Fantastic photo! And you’re so right about being frozen. I shut myself up in a small box for many years, starting in my childhood. Thanks to my husband, some family members, and a handful of true friends, I bloom a bit more every day. Frozen is a terrible kind of existence.

    1. Sketch? No… This is a photo. Converted to B&W. Then, I overexposed and cloned lots of parts out! I have another version that I shall email you

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