Tea For Kismet

At The Chai Stall
At The Chai Stall


This post is dedicated to a young lady who goes by the name, and blog name, of Kismet. She does write some really cool poetry…

Anyway, she had asked me to take some photos of tea, chai stalls. I now have a collection, and will put them up on my Behance & 500 px things once I sort them out and clean them up.

So, young lady, have some chai!


  1. Very Good photography, Rajiv! Reminds me of my Youth, when I used to sit and keep drinking tea with a book, where I had an account at a favourite shop. Miss those days, at least a little! 🙂

  2. The photo speaks of tradition; love the copper tone…and i imagine there are various spices involved? Wonderful alchemy.

  3. 😻😻😻awwww…there’s tea for me….I don’t believe this!!!! You actually did take a photo…..and this is exactly the kind of chai I wanted❤❤❤thank you so much Rajiv ….I think I might just sniffle a wee bit 😥😥am so touched you remembered..hugs and loads of love 🌺🌺🌺🌺

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