A Touch Of Whimsy – Who Are You?

Who Are You?
Who Are You?

Who are you, my dear? Tell me, what lies behind those eyes of yours, those eyes that seem to stare into the distance?

Are you the Mother Goddess? Are you a witch, to be burned at the stake? Are you Gauri? Are You Kali? Are You Diana? Are You Mary?

Does your identity be defined by the man in your life? Are you, like Manu said – your father’s daughter, your brother’s sister, your husband’s wife, your son’s mother?

Do you hold up half the sky, or are you to be crushed below the yoke?

Do you exist in all humans, as the Ardhnari form of Shiva? Do you represent, Sakti, the creative energy, or has it been squelched in you?

Do you strive to be superior to men, or to be their counterparts in a well balanced relationship?

What are your dreams? Do you dare to dream? Do you turn them into reality?

Who defines you? What defines you? Does your feminine nature define you, or are you condemned to hide it behind the purdah?

Are you rewarded for who you are, or are you rewarded because you are a woman, and diversity is “important”?

Where indeed do you go to, my lovely, in the dark watches of the night?

What secrets lie behind those eyes of yours?

Will they be revealed, or will they die with you?






  1. Wow I am lovin this! The answers to the questions you ask, do lie behind those eyes, too many for mere humans to take in! This could be why it is said of me, my head is in the Sky~It’s more peaceful here!
    I really like this image and your text! I enguaging! 😄

  2. “What secrets lie behind those eyes of yours?
    Will they be revealed, or will they die with you?”
    Edgy lines 🙂
    PS I would love to hear the answers to these questions.

  3. Reblogged this on andromeda 65 and commented:
    Beautiful thought and deference to womanhood….wonderfully expressed. Each word and line will surely strike a chord within every woman, somewhere, in some way….. words and lines that every man needs to deeply introspect…..Thank you, Rajiv for this great post.

  4. “Will they be revealed, or will they die with you?” …they will die 🙂 …got the perfect image for asking those questions.

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