the blue things are meant to represent the soil and roots.



  1. So beautiful! When the soil and the roots look blue, it can only mean one thing: that the flowers are planted in the blue skies above us 🙂 . Or…maybe they came from the blue tears of an artistic soul. You’re very talented and inspired, thank you for sharing your art.

    1. Okay… Shall I let you in on a secret? When I was a kid, like all boys, I was fascinated by muscles. I wanted to be like what The Undertaker would eventually look like! Anyway, I used to draw these muscular dudes and make the chests bigger and bigger, till they looked like breasts! I was convinced that art is not my thing!

      1. Well, I love that. To want something and work to make it bigger and bigger is what we all do I think. I think the kids are onto something. 😉

        Thank you for sharing that. I love it!

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