Monochrome Madness. Paddy Fields


This is shot of paddy fields that I took in Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra is the scene of the famous final battle in our epic, The Mahabharata.

During this trip I went to the actual site where they say that the Gita was spoken out loud.

Converting this picture to B&W was a bit tricky. I had to bring in some contrast, and I deliberately sacrificed some detail in the trees. I wonder if I should bring it back


      1. Oh yeah. At one point, I was kneeling on a triangular bit of earth, surrounded by water.
        There was one time recently, when I climbed down some rocks, and then took photos of the flowing Ganges. I was flat on my stomach, at a downward incline, on a rock. I had to hook my toes into the crevices to avoid slipping into the rapids!

  1. Fantastic post. Though I am new at WordPress it’s posts like these that inspire me to write more. I hope you can take some time and go through my blog. It’s new but your critique can help me hone my art too. 🙂 PS: The pictures came out great. It’s these that can tell stories without a word being written or said.

  2. I always find it quite startling that paddy fields are such wet places. Think I would have cropped a bit more of the foreground and added a bit more sky for a more balanced shot. Like the luminous effect of the reflected light from the water.

    1. Thanks. It was a very dull, cloudy day. Yet, the water was reflecting the light nicely, adding more of the sky would have made the shot flat. I think I did take some with more sky, actually.

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