Ghost Sunset



This picture is the result of a failure, actually.

I had intended this to be a nice HDR image, but it did not turn out that way. There was too much ghosting and too many ghost images. It is a composite of 7 images, with people moving while I was clicking. The little flag was waving.

As I looked at the image, I decided to desaturate it while processing the HDR to see how it would look, before saturating the image again. The desaturate look gave me some ideas, as the ghost of some colours remained.

In Photoshop, I applied curves, then masked some of the curves effect, did some more desaturation along the RGB channel, and introduced some colour back in the yellow channel.

Does it look ghostly, or has the explanation made it all seem very bland now?


  1. So its one of those oops moment and then you realise, oh actually it looks better. I like the ghostly feel, also like the glow that illuminates the shack if thats what you call it. 🙂 nice

  2. I love the moon reflection in the water! I also love the compilation of 7 images! I do this a lot myself! I totally loved the explanation it’s neat to read how other folks use PS! It looks ghostly and I love it! Though a failure to you I like this one! 😄

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