Water Water Everywhere?


Water Everywhere?
Water Everywhere?

Street Art made, I think, by schoolchildren on the wall of their school at SafdarJung Enclave, New Delhi.





  1. Hues and shades..lovely 🙂 Makes me remember train journeys where so many unique posters are visible on the walls of settlements along the railway tracks! (especially those quack ads 😉 )

  2. Besides the points brought out by the other readers, Rajiv, You have captured the Spirit of the painting and the situation, by the name You have given the post. Yes, Water getting wasted on the one side, Water not getting channelized, and available in dribs and drabs, in drops, on the other side. And the Fish, are they jumping out of the water to try to save themselves from the pollutants? Quite complex. Kudos to the Artists, and to You, for capturing and presenting it to us. Regards. 🙂

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