Doggerel : The Journey To Hell -3

“You need to think of man’s basic needs
You need to think of what it feeds
The start is simple
You are tired, you need sleep
You are hungry, you need to eat
When does need become a want?
When does want become desire?”

“You who wear these clothes that bare
The essence of your soul so cold.
What do you do to buy the brand
That feeds your ego, and fills the snare
Of those that market their little wares.”

“More and more do you desire
Where does it stop?
Or does your heart’s desire
Drive you on and on
For more and more
You cast your vision on and on.”

“From your land, you take the fiery brand
To foreign lands, to burn and kill
And take your fill
Of their riches, of their wenches
To fill their lands with foreign stench”

“Who drives this may I ask?
They say it is me; my devious task
To lead you astray
From your given path
To God, to Heaven with your Holy Bray!”

“But, I did not place you here on earth
I only made an offer at the birth
Of Eden; a simple apple given
Knowledge, it is said, that I gave thee
For this I was flung from the Holy See!
Thy God flung me from the Holy Gate
And gave us the gift of Love, of Hate!”


  1. Oh, oh, that is a rather strong hit against multinationals and their brands. Bravo, I agree. They only succeed by eliminating the competition. Most are just big monopolies of mediocrity.
    Thank you for the poem.

  2. Wow this is wonderful! That seed of greed is amazing isn’t it? I think we are always trying to overcome that desire to have it all! It never seems to stop! 😄 see you did have an answer to the last one the perpetual quest to know which keeps us yearning for more! I like this view point.

  3. The post I already liked…
    …and I like your new profile picture as well.

    And reading the comments, I would really love to hear you sing! You made me curious 🙂

  4. interesting thoughts….
    I had to come back to them….as they seem to echo of man’s trappings,
    their desire to dress the female in clothes that bare, then blame her when others are attracted and have
    thoughts that bare even more….
    tough being human sometimes….though we are here to have all those flaws and work our way back home
    on the steps we make from those flaws….
    it is a really good thinking work of art you have painted in words of many colors….
    Take Care….You Matter…

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