A Selfie In Oil



This is a picture that I tool with my Nikon Coolpix S9500. You can see me there taking this picture.

I do love oil in water, and I was standing at a puddle a few months back, looking at the patterns of oil in water. I actually only wanted to take pictures of the pattern, but I kept popping into the picture. This is why you see me there. However, I thought that it provided a decent contrast.

Again, for those interested, I added a Topaz Adjust Filter. Then, using a thin brush, I burnt in the darker lines of the pattern.

In Photoshop I adjusted the contrast, and made just a few adjustments to the red, cyan and blue channels. And, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen – A selfie in oil!


  1. Wow that is a great selfie! My girl literally stops to take them all the time do your kids? They are so funny! If I take one it’s all about the light for me! It’s my friend the older I get the more I love it! 😀 LOL

      1. Boys usually don’t do that like girls do! Sometimes if I’m lucky she takes one with me. She does this thing called snapchatting and while we were driving home I was listening to music and apparantly was doing something snapchat worthy! Yes I was famous for 5 seconds with her friends! Ha

      2. Oh no! I think you are right! HUM! Well it’s too late for me but wow I think well I won’t say what I think. You’re a alert dad that is the best thing I believe!

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