Cee’s Oddball Photo Contest


Today is indeed an odd day.  I shall actually post three photos!

This is one I call curvature. I took this from my cell phone, using a special effect and edited it slightly


    1. Thanks. This is one where I used t he special effects in the phone. I use a Sony Experia because it is more solid (and cheaper) than a Samsung or IPhone. My next phone will be the XiaoMi, a Chinese brand that is even cheaper!
      Samsung and Apple have started to charge too much money. And, the phablet is like a brick

      1. You are right about that Apple is outrageous! My daughter loves iPhone and got me one for Mother’s day. I think the Cameras on all the new phones are pretty good. Plus you always have that with you! 😀

      2. Yeah.. I actually have an old SLR – a Nikon D 200. 10.2 mega pixels. I must upgrade! Then, I have a Nikon F 75 for film. But my dream one here is a Nikon F5 or F6! Two Coolpix cameras, and my phone! The D200 is old. I bought it in 2006!

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