Blast From The Past – On The Boat In Benares

Morning & The River
Morning & The River

I took this picture many years ago in Benares, or Varanasi as it is called now. This is a picture shot using black & white film. Still my first love in photography.

We were on the boat at sunrise.

I had lost all my old film stuff, and retrieved it a few years back when I was living in Singapore. The films had travelled across India, China and Singapore with me, and I had no clue. I scanned all my old stuff for safe keeping, and took a back up. I had already lost two years of photography because my disk collapsed.

Here,for this shot, I adjusted the levels and brightness/contrast to create a clean background. Very little curves correction. I then reduced the noise, and finally tried to remove as many of the scratches and film blemishes as possible.

I did very little Photoshop work. You will still see some of the blemishes on the photograph. I could not remove them all. I am not that expert yet.

The idea when I took the photo, and made my slight adjustments, was to create an atmosphere of calm. Did I succeed? You tell me…


  1. My Dear Rajiv, when You speak of curves, noise and scratches, You are speaking Greek! But as for Calm, You have it there. You have given us a ‘Wish I was there kind of picture!’ 🙂

  2. Hello Rajiv,
    Yes, I thought the shot portrays an atmosphere of calm and serenity.
    It looks very nice in the ‘cleaned-up’ version, but I also like the original scan, the ‘blemishes’ add to the atmosphere, in my humble opinion! 🙂

  3. Yes I believe you did! In fact you can’t see me but I’m in a boat just ahead of you! Ha. I love the B/W. I love boating and what’s ironic is I had floating and fishing on my mind this morning! 😀

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