A Doggerel Diversion – The Tyger

I do love tigers (and, I will return to The Journey To Hell), so I hope that William Blake does not turn in his grave when he reads this.

This was my first attempt at writing doggerel.

“The Tyger burns bright,
in the forests of the night
He burns with a light
That shines so bright.

The luminosity is there
For all of us here
For how long, I do not know
The Human Greed, it grows and grows.

And when He (God) made his shape
Did He think about the Fearsome Ape?
The one who would eat the lamb,
And cut the foot, and cut the hand?

For he who bears the Anvil
He who holds the Arrow
Will shoot at every sparrow
And eat the Tyger, bone and marrow.

The Tyger burned bright
In the forests of the night
He wandered in the shadows
With a heart so free
Until his bones were crushed
For you, and for Me.

The Tyger burned bright
In The Forests of The Night
And now his eyes,
They have no light.
There is no fire, in the Blackness of Night.”


  1. I read this in the morning and wanted to come back and read it again! I wonder where that light went that was in his eyes? I often wonder where words like you have shared come from! I like this! I needed a brain break! 😀

    1. I wonder too.. The sad thing, is that the way that we continue to be cruel to animals, the light will go out in the eyes of many species.
      By the way, Indians are not humble!

  2. Well I think they come from within, some call it your gut others call it your inner man. I’ve heard it referred to as divine intervention. I could probably keep going but I try not too get too technical about things that flow like this! This is where I write from I just open up a journal page and type whatever there. I love all your references in this I can tell you’ve studied a lot of history and such or you are wonderfully gifted. Keep it up! 😀

      1. Well, i do read a lot about Indian history, and other assorted stuff. then, I start to pull strings together somewhere in my brain. The patterns and associations form in strange ways and I have no idea how

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