A Spot Of Whimsy – I Must Learn From The Cow

Chewing The Cud
Chewing The Cud

Look carefully at the picture, and you will see a cow contentedly chewing the cud in a field near my son’s school. Now, I had intended to get back to writing some serious (very serious) stuff about leadership, sustainability, education and nutrition, but I got side tracked by the cow.

Oh, and before I proceed, (especially for The Crimson Queen), I took this shot with my mobile phone!

I have, over the last months, cribbed about the heat in Delhi (or, The National Capital Region) this year. We have gone through the worst that I have experienced in my life. The hottest June, the hottest and driest August. Climatologists must be having a field day.

Anyhow, we had rain on Sunday. Beautiful rain. With it, the flat blue sky disappeared, and we got a clear, blue sky with some wonderful clouds.

Delhi, sadly, is not geared for rain. Worse off is the neighbouring town of Gurgaon, which is where most of us live. In Gurgaon, wet mud accompanies the rains, clogging the drains. We don’t have pavements here. They are used to dump construction mud.

We had a traffic jam, and because of this it took me two hours to reach my mom’s house. I cribbed and cribbed.

Then, I saw the cow contentedly chewing the cud in the field, enjoying the lazy afternoon.

I looked at the cow, and grinned sarcastically.

Sadly, a thought popped into my head – why couldn’t I just enjoy the respite from the heat, without cribbing? Why couldn’t I enjoy the clouds and the clear blue sky without cribbing?

Is it me, or do I represent a microcosmic view of humanity?

Pessimists and dour people must love me!


  1. From my own life experience, I have learned that as and when I get irritated by external things, its usually something internal that’s troubling me and because i am not ready to face it, I go about passing the blame from anything to everything… Sorry for the gyaan but I recently went through the same in the Delhi heat.. 🙂

  2. Truly said, these ‘no rains’ are quite a dampener out here, and cribbing is the only way I think we can deal with it! 😀 The rains on Sunday was more than welcome! Hope the weather stays as it is, rains or no rains. And yes, the plight of Gurgaon, suppose to be The Millenium City is really sad! Thanks for the post, Rajiv!

  3. Oh yes and you are a target for optimists like me. Hehe 😀 I think personally the fact that you recognized your negative response will cause you to readjust. My Uncle Gunn always says it’s never too late for a do-over. You can have as many do-overs as you like in any given day. So I share that with you and the fact that you had a do over. Traffic jams will always be, so will hot weather, and cows are quiet possibly the most peaceful animals, to. My favorite thing to do is stop just outside Tulsa at this ranch and watch them eat. They are so pretty all white and the grass is green and they graze underneath pecan trees. I always find that amazing the contrast of white and green. I wonder if they eat pecans? I think they only eat hey and grass. But there’s something to think about! I love my camera phone it captures a lot of things I would normally miss, just like yours! Have a super day! 😀

    1. We Indians love to crib! Where I live, we have cows on the street! I used to have a driver, when I was a corporate honcho. I once went to his house and I discovered that his neighbours have buffaloes in the basement..

      1. Are you joking me? We have buffaloes here! But they roam free not in the basement! I didn’t know there were Buffalo in India! Free roaming cows that’s amazing! Do all your cars have cattle guards? Moo! Sorry you know I had to do that!

      2. Nope. In the basement. We have them on the streets and they are a traffic hazard. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this buffalo and her kiddo coming out of the basement.
        Oh, I had a car, when I was in the Netherlands, that would actually go ‘moo’ (the GPS) from time to time!

      3. Did that mean you went the wrong way! I like that! My daughter calls me Moochelle. Don’t ask why she’s so goofy that way! I agree about the traffic hazard, my girl almost hit some cows that got loose. She also did hit a deer with our jeep but it got up and ran off! 😀

      4. Moochelle? Wow! No, i went the right way… I was driving and suddenly the GPS went moo!
        I have actually never seen a deer outside a zoo

  4. Perhaps you should be more pessimistic. A dyed-in-the-wool pessimist would have expected a four-hour drive and would be absolutely delighted that it took only two.

    1. I did call you out on that one! But I am no expert on editing. I was terrified of Photoshop and layers and masks. Then, I did an 8 week online course with this brilliant American photographer called Lewis Kemper (very recently) and he cured me!

      1. No no.. Serious. I actually consider myself to be a novice. I want to give myself six to eight months to practise the techniques I learned, and then I want to learn some more advanced stuff.
        I keep reading about history and photography these days….

  5. My Dear Rajiv, You are a Very Clever Man, but, sadly, not many notice it.

    Where You and I would like to go ‘Beyond the Cow,’ most are as yet ‘Mired’ in the poor creature yet.

    But You have given me many thoughts on this, that, as WordPress suggests, I have to write it all in another post!

    Meet You at Waterloo, Gungadin! 🙂

  6. I think this video about wondering the countryside playing music to cows says it all. Although I am not quite sure what ‘it’ is yet but I feel it is the answer to something.

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