Wundring Aloud


This is Post Number 100, and I think that I should thank Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull for the title of this post!

Over the last months – year – since I started blogging, I realised that I have gone crazy.  It is time to decide how I want to proceed in the blogosphere or it will possibly swallow me alive, in the same way that a python swallows a goat.

So, let me list the blogs that I have, and you will get a hint of the insanity.

I have this one http://rajivchopra.me

Then, I have one (http://crookedimagez.me) that started off as a travel writing and photography blog.  I also started a travel bog on http://www.kissfromtheworld.com!

Number three, I have my monochrome one called http://crooked-and-black.com

Finally, I have my ‘dark’ blog (http://lokispeakz.me) that I kind of abandoned a year ago.

So now, it is time to regroup! And, to recover my sanity!

Here goes my first attempt!

1. I had started rajivchopra.me as a straight and boring corporate blog, but the spiders in my brain took over and started weaving a web of their own. I think I shall let them continue with their good work.

2. Travel writing shall shift to ‘kissfromtheworld’, and I shall convert crookedimagez to a photo blog. Therefore, I shall abandon crooked-and-black.

3. I may revive Lokispeakz. I like to explore the dark corners of my brain.


Oh yes. I shall also start doing photo-essays, travel articles and a travel book and shall pray that someone will publish them.

Finally, I shall build my portfolios on Behance and 500px!

Sanity returns? Or not?

Or, another form of madness?


  1. Oh, you’re going to stop the b&w photo blog? 😦 I really liked it… Of course I respect your decision to tidy things up (I didn’t know you had so many sites! ;)) And, how is your Zazzle store coming along? 🙂 Sorry, I’m making things worse, right? Anyway, I look forward to following your future adventures!

    1. Honestly, I don’t want to stop it. It is my favourite blog! For the time being, I will build my other portfolios and merge all photography into CI.me. But, you never know. It may just pop back one day. But, that will be the day that i will delete CI.me… My heart lies firmly with the B&W blog..

  2. Congrats on 100th post!! Well done!
    I wonder how do you keep up with so many blogs :D. I have a photography portfolio in zenfolio but now I am considering to cancel it since I don’t do much after being active in current blog.. 😉
    And best wishes for the plan of travel book and photo essay! I think that something to start soon!!

  3. Wow that is a lot to keep up with! What if you merged or made a page on this blog for each the. You only have to keep up with one? Good luck whatever you decide to do! A wandering is a good thing I think!😄

      1. I did this with my Pa’s writing that he left me when he passed and then my Uncle Gunn is a musician and photographer so I have a page for him as well and his inspirations. You go to the section where you add a post but instead you add a page and design from there. Also on those pages you can load galleries. So you might want to think of making a gallery of your photos. I’m a designer so I am always thinking of ways to be more efficient! 😀 Good luck with your sites! 😀

      2. The more I think of it, the more I think that your advice is good. One blog, with pages is a very good and manageable idea. You have an interesting father and uncle!
        I need to figure out galleries. But, one page for black & white photography and one for colour,

      3. Thank you my Pa was a character he left behind all his writing and photos so I wanted to pass them along as for my Uncle it is on-going, evolving we’ve been on this journey to find peace, LOL and who knows maybe I’ll talk him into a blog one day!
        To add a gallery: Click the add media on the left hand side you can choose from file, photo, gallery. If you choose gallery then you will be taken to a screen with all your photos, you then click on the ones you want to include. On the right hand side there is choice such as mosiac, tile, round so that you can choose the type of gallery you wish to display. One you do this then you can order them. Once you insert it into the page, what I like is that you can also continue to add features and such to that page. Plus you can share the page because it has it’s own web address. Another thing you might want to consider is adding click through links to the sidebars on the side of you blog. If you need help with that let me know! I can help you if you like or you can click help under widgets! 😀

      4. I will do that! I am not sure if I can delete the comment on the IPad, but I will have access to my computer tomorrow morning, and shall delete the comment then!

  4. I believe it was Thoreau who said, “Life is frittered away by detail. Simplify. Simplify.” Then again, I wonder if he would have had some blogs, if the internet was around in the 1800s.

  5. Congrats! And that’s a lot of blogs! Love the title “Lokispeakz”. Sanity is definitely overrated.

    1. Thanks. Lokispeakz shall live. So shall the KissMyWorld. The others wil
      Be consolidated into RC.me.. I like Michelle Marie’s advice!

    2. True. I was inspired by something that I read in a book about David Bowie many years ago. The sentence went something like this, “I’d rather stay here with the madmen, than perish with the sad men roaming free”.

  6. I like Michelle’s advice too. And I really LIKE your font. I have pulled my hair out over fonts. May I ask what you use? I wish you all the best. Blogging has more or less made me um nuts. Simply put. I admit it. Ask Michelle. She’ll admit it too. LOL Love, Amy

      1. Hi. Okay. I use something called Fertigo Pro Script for the title . I was using the ‘default font’ for the body, but I just switched it to Le Monde Journal

      2. I have fiddled around with colors, headers, fonts, themes, and right now am keeping what I have. I had wanted a theme that shows my photographs all across the page, and I thought in choosing the one I did, that’s what it would do. But the tags are to the left of each photograph. *sigh* It is very time consuming to change and get everything perfect, so like I said I’m sticking with what I have right now. Good luck in your ventures!!!! Love, Amy

      3. I just changed the font for the body. I like my title script so I am leaving that alone. I really thank you, Rajiv!! Now I feel so much better. Getting just the font right is mind boggling, at least it is to me. And because I am looking for the right “feel” of my header and front page, everything of course, has to blend and be perfect. Now I think it is. YAY!!!! xx Amy

  7. Sorry mate. I just realised that I didn’t receive any updates from your blog and well forgot to turn on my email notification on you *blush*

    Well thats all done now. So congrats on post 100 but wow, thats a lot of blogs running around with your name on it. I’m having trouble with just one 🙂

    But keep them posts coming mate.

  8. Just go with it man. I’m enjoying your thoughts way more than that boring corporate shit. I know this is brutally honest, but I would have unfollowed that. I like this Rajiv.

  9. It might be worthwhile to have someone customize one of the themes for you so that you can get everything in one space – it makes it easier to manage. I know it took me about six theme iterations before I finally found the right one along with the right level of customization (I did mine) I may have to pay to have a couple of the more fancy advance things done that are rattling around in my brain.

    And who wants to write and/or read about boring old corporate world stuff….that is what LinkedIn is for – you are so much more interesting than LinkedIn 🙂

    1. Thanks. Yes, I am going to roll everything into one. I will be sorry to see crooked-and-black go. I will also, I am sure, go through several more theme iterations. The other, more fancy stuff? I will have to hire someone eventually!

  10. Wow, Rajiv. I had no idea you had so many blogs. I do like that you let the spiders in on this one. While I do love the mad, that sounds like a lot to keep up with. There are some good suggestions from others who do it. I can only manage one. 🙂

    1. I am going to essentially do that. Travel & Loki will stay separate. They are completely different, and not updated that often. But everything else will be rolled into one “hero” blog. I will do the same for FB pages, and hope to attain some degree of simplicity!

  11. I like MichelleMarie’s suggestions – it seems a good way to keep things organized and consolidate at the same time. It will be simpler for readers to find your stuff too! I think blogs evolve as we evolve and we shouldn’t worry too much about organizing them perfectly.

    I love that song! I just listened to that album last week. My original vinyl one that I bought back in 1970-something.

    1. Yes, I am going to do this. I started by creating the pages last night, and now I will start to populate them. It is funny how we don’t apply the lessons that we preach. In all my years in marketing, I preached simplicity. Then, I went in for a complex approach that even I did not understand!

  12. Happy birthday for your 100th!

    I would keep my blog as the center of my activities – I noticed with portals like 500px, everyone just wants to get noticed. Here you also get some good critical notes that help you develop from time to time.


    1. Hey thanks. I am reorganising it such that the blog becomes the centre piece, This is why I decided to move the photography to two (it may end up being more) pages on the blog.
      In a way, this should define who and what I am

  13. My Dear Rajiv, Kudos on Your 100th blog. You should keep writing. As for ‘madness’ et al, No comments! How can I, when We are creatures of the same kind! Haha.

    But from what You are setting up for Yourself, would suggest You start serious jogging! I suppose You get what I mean! 🙂

    Finally, would ask You to make the fonts a little bigger or brighter or thicker. For old folks like me! 🙂

    Love and Regards.

  14. Good heavens you are a busy fellow, Rajiv. But how lovely to have as many outlets for your creative endeavors. Long may all those juices flow, my friend! Keep leaving your mark upon the world. 🙂

  15. Clearly you have too much curiosity and creative energy to be contained in one blog! I will look forward to exploring more of your images and thoughts! Thanks for introducing yourself at my blog.

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