Doggerel. The Journey To Hell. Part 2

Puss sat down, and thought with a frown
“In these waves of confusion,
I surely shall drown.
There is more to this, much more
Of this, I am sure.
But in time I will come back,
With a new line of attack”

Lucifer gazed at her,
With a smile in his eyes
And said, “Oh Puss,
There is much that lies
There are shades of grey
In all I say”

Puss raised her head,
And in her head she thought,
A thought “I think this clown
Needs to be brought down”
She raised her head. She said,
“Oh Lucifer, come to my bed”

She gazed deep into his eyes;
“Hear my sighs,
Feel my heart’s desire”
Her look was coy, her look was strong.
But Lucifer was listening to another song.

His eyes were black, His eyes were dark
He laughed, and said, “Hark.
Hark my words, heed them well.
Remember, you are down in Hell.
You wish to learn of the nature of desire,
Do you wish to learn by fire?”

“Desire is inherent in everyone
Whence came this world? Why was it born?
Did God who made it have no desire,
To see his creation, feel his power?
To feed his vision, feel it flower?”

“Was he to planted the seed
Of desire in Eve, or was it me?
Why do you people see my image in a snake?
Is it not of God’s make?
In Hindu temples, of Shiv The Lord
They worship snakes, they praise his sword”

“They praise the lingam in the yoni
In this they see the Great Mystery.
In temples and in kingdoms all
Lies love for money,
The Love for power.
Who is it who desires all?”

“Who is weak and who is strong?
Who is free to walk along,
Along the paths, and with a song?
He who lusts for more and more?
Or he who bursts the chains,
The chains that hold us all?”


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