The Journey To Hell. Part One

This is the first part of some doggerel poetry I started writing a year back. I have no -zero – poetic skills…

I have written ten parts. It’s not yet complete. I wonder if I should complete it. I am putting it out here, cause I promised Swami Yesudas that I would.

Now,I have a stomach bug and a headache, so the formatting maybe awry… Blame the IPad.

And now, here goes!

“Puss in Boots
Went down to the roots,
Of Love, Hate & Desire
And what she saw there,
Set her heart afire,
For she saw that God is a Liar.

She went down to Hell
And rang the Bell
Of Lucifer’s great big door.
She sat on the floor
Of His great Big Hall,
And asked him to tell her all.

“Tell me, Oh Lucifer
Of lies and truth; for I am on fire”
He laughed and laughed
And said, ” I don’t want to earn God’s ire.
He has put you on earth,
And is rolling with mirth
And thinks of your heart on fire.”

“But, though I am small
I will try and tell all
That I know, of love, hate and desire.
These questions are deep,
And have often made me weep
But I shall speak, even if you think
That I am a liar”

“Truth is but a lie
Often missed in the blink of an eye
My truth is not thine
Nor is thy truth mine.
Who is indeed the liar?
You, me, or the old village Friar?”

Puss sat down, and shook her head.
This did not seem to her to be correct.
She looked up at Lucifer with doubt in her eyes,
And said, “Your belief cannot be mine.
Truth is absolute, and so is a lie;
I’ll carry this belief till I die”.


  1. Ah, how I love the big questions… What is truth and what is a lie… How quaint that I would agree with the fallen angel… Truth is indeed a dynamically shifting thing, depending on both circumstance and the individual perspective…

      1. He has his place in the world… ^_^ The one is nothing without the other. I’m leaning towards not seeing the light and the darkness as opposed to one another… They are rather two distinct functions in the great equation of the life, universe, and everything. One can not only build or tear down. There must be a balance, or else all comes to an end.

      2. Yeah. I once saw a movie called The Apple. At the end, when God takes his followers to Heaven, the Devil winks and tells God that the two cannot exist without each other..

  2. Poetry usually goes soaring over my head, but I like this. Keep it coming!

    I love your lines “He has put you on earth / And is rolling with mirth…” It answers a lot of questions. We are God’s entertainment. A sitcom.

  3. I think it is interesting – the tone of voice you used reminds me a bit of a fairytale. But of corse, the content is not very fairytale like – or maybe a fairytale for adults…

  4. Wow so that was brave to write about talking to Lucifer! ;D I like how you ended this with an absolute truth! Beautiful! I think you have writing skills and sell yourself short! 😀

      1. That is humility and it’s nice to see and rare these days.

        I tend to not believe my own press and keep in mind it’s much easier to keep my head down humble then to stick it up and get it chopped off. 😀

        I love to see folks get outside their box! 😀

      2. No arrogant, confident! I think there is a big difference and those that don’t feel confident look at self-assured-ness as arrogance. People think the same of me about my work, professionally not here of course on WP this is where I play and try new things!
        I think our imaginations will take us places we never dreamed of and we don’t have to leave home to do so! 😀

  5. Okay. My oh my. #1. You are an EXCELLENT poet. I mostly skip all poetry blog posts because they are rubbish, but yours is extremely good.
    #2. I’m not so great at interpreting poetry.
    #3. We probably disagree on matters of spirituality, so while I love your style, I’m not sure how I will feel about how this poem ends. We shall see. I do believe in absolute truths and in lies. I am a firm follower of Jesus, and I do believe Lucifer roams the Earth seeking who he can destroy. I think a lot of his work gets blamed on God Himself.
    #4. Will there ever be one without the other? Hmm. Good question.
    #5. Your command of the English language has always impressed me. Reading your blog makes me want to visit India so I can see it and understand it better.
    Great job.

    1. Thanks! Well, I enjoyed that bit of doggerel, so I guess it was not too bad. I will have a more critical eye at the next lot before I put them up. I too am lousy at interpreting poetry.
      We do disagree on matters of organised religion, I think. I was religious at one point. I do like to read about it though. Religion is fascinating, but I disagree with the way it is practised. So, I went from religion to atheism to agnosticism to a sort of agnostic/pagan belief system!
      You should visit India, but not in summer.
      This year is the worst I have ever experienced in my life. The hottest summer, the driest monsoon, and no sign of relief

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