My Nikon & My Curry – Climate Change

My Nikon & My Curry
My Nikon & My Curry

Now, I love my Nikon. I really do. I have had it for 8 years now, and I refused to add to the pile of e-waste. But, sometime this year, or the next, I shall upgrade. Anyway, this is not about my Nikon.

This is the month of the Roza, and I was in Jama Masjid early one morning, to take some photos, and to wolf down some fabulous nehari curry. Therefore, the chai has been replaced by curry!

A few days later, I was at a conference, in which the French Minister of something or the other spoke about climate change, and the need for us to take drastic action. He had to leave relatively quickly, because he had to meet our Prime Minister, and then a bunch of well meaning senior and well-respected dudes proceeded to engage the audience in a round table debate on climate change, renewable energy etc. The hall was packed with people nodding sagely, taking notes and looking on at the speakers with rapt attention.

It was all very serious. Very serious indeed.

I started nodding off, and to stay awake, I started reading some WordPress posts.

You see, it was all very serious indeed.

The fact also is, that we have over a billion Indians, and more and more of us are buying cars. This is great for the automotive makers. However, our road network has not increased, and the condition of the roads has deteriorated.

We have signals, at times every one hundred metres. We have pot-holes. We have speed-breakers. We have police barriers. We have pedestrians who casually saunter through traffic, slowing it down. We have people who can’t park and people who drive the wrong way.

What this means, is that the journey (the car ride ) that used to take me 60 minutes to that meeting room, now takes me 75-90 minutes. I drive slowly, and I spend a lot of time with the car idling. I don’t turn the engine off, because it is too hot! And, polluted. I do take photos, while I wait for the traffic to move.

All in all, the level of pollution has increased, despite the fact that we have better engines, and better fuel.

However, rationalising the traffic signals, improving driver discipline, and improving the roads is not sexy. No, not sexy at all.

Solar power is sexy.

Climate change talks tend to centre around the sexy, and that which is far away.

Simple solutions that can contribute quickly to a better environment are generally ignored. They are simply not sexy enough. After all, when a politician drives, the traffic is stopped to let him pass, so that he can languidly wave his hand at the adoring crowd.

We’ve had the hottest summer in decades this year. We have the driest monsoon.

Like the sailor’s in that immortal poem, “The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”, we stand with parched lips waiting for sensible solutions that are not forthcoming.

“And every tongue, through utter drought,

Was withered at the root;
We could not speak, no more than if
We had been choked with soot.”
“There passed a weary time. Each throat

Was parched, and glazed each eye.
A weary time! a weary time!
How glazed each weary eye,”
As I sit and think of my curry, I wonder, shall we indeed get cool water to drink? The cool water of sensible solutions?
I wonder.



  1. True that. If there are enough, affordable and sufficient public transport, I think that may reduce the use of private cars…traffic jam could be frustrating but not getting comfy, and safe public transport even more frustrating..

    1. Yeah. We do have a Metro, which I use quite often. I would never use it when I was in the corporate world. We talk sustainability, but don’t practice it!

      1. I shall. I about 10 days. I want to curate my photos for Behance, stock agencies and Zazzle. Then, I shall create some products for Zazzle, and then start the link!

  2. That was Excellent, Rajiv! Hearty Congratulations, as being Really Good in Two fields, Photography and Writing is Not Easy.

    It flows well from the Nikon, the Climate Change and to Coleridge’s Curry! And Very Good thoughts on the Subject too! Yeah, People are falling for the Cheap things, because, as You say, the are ‘sexy.’ Wonder when the World is going to Grow Up.

    Thanks for the ‘like’ on my ‘Do We have to Ask..’ I have just Updated it if You would like to peruse. Regards.

    1. Hmmm. I think I do. But, you have given me an idea. Are you referring to chai shops on the street? or, the Costa Coffee kind?

  3. Very interesting! It IS a serious problem. The US southwest is also dealing with a 13 year drought. I hadn’t realized all this until recently b/c in Washington, DC, we’ve had more snow than ever. I hope you all get rain and relief soon..but I agree that the car problem will only get worse. : / I feel like I learn more about India each time I read your posts! Keep on teaching us!!

  4. Just read an interesting article about private vs shared cars, Rajiv, and how the future technology of the self-driving car is coming upon us. This could easily change the face of our transportation landscape–and in a very short period of time.
    And now, I’m truly hankering a curry. Time to plan a meal.

  5. It’s a real shame, our poor stewardship of our neighborhoods, cities. Between global warming and all the types of pollution our children are bombarded with from birth, their future’s looking pretty glum. And I love curry.


  6. I love my Nikon too. I just very recently upgraded from my beloved Nikon D40, which I’ve had for around 7-8 years, to a D5100. Haven’t taken many pictures with it yet, but I’m very happy with the upgrade (especially as I picked up for a bargain price on ebay and in near new condition). I gave my D40 to old friend who is just starting out photography – so I know it’s gone to a good home.

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