Minors Gangraped, then Hung on a Tree (Updated)

This is a rather shocking post from Swami Yesudas (http://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com). Shocking not for the content or the photo.
Shocking that we have leaders who say “boys will be boys” when men rape. Shocking, because we are still in the grip of age old prejudices and biases.
I was planning to ask the question: “What is leadership” in my next post. This is a precursor.

What is leadership, if leaders allow ignorance to prevail, if they are insensitive and callous?

What is education, if it does not open the mind, and only focusses on grade point averages.

What is the value of such leaders, and such education?

Good questions? Yes, or no?


Minors gangraped n killed in up 0514

These Two girls, Cousins, were allegedly Gangraped, and Hung on a Tree.

This has happened in uttar pradesh of India.

Photo from: 


My Heart Feels like a Stone. Am I Alive? I do not want to Live in a World like this.



A. Seems there have been Triple Rapes/Gangrapes/Murders/Hangings, including those of MINORS, in uttar pradesh, all within a short time, which news has reached even the BBC.

1. akhilesh yadav, cheap minister of uttar pradesh, when interviewed, asked reporters, ‘Are YOU safe or not?’

2. Here is what the reporter should have said to akhilesh: ‘If your daughter has been raped, would you say ‘I’ have not been raped!’

3. Or: ‘If your Sister’s daughter has been raped, would you say ‘I’ have not been raped!’

4. All these horrific things happening in the state after mulayam singh yadav had said: ‘Boys will make mistakes.’

B. All…

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  1. What leaders? We can’t possibly call the people in power, at least in those states, ‘leaders’!. These instances are the results of pure lawlessness.
    Incidentally I found this article on the same subject thought provoking.

      1. You know Rajiv, in India this is and will be so sensationalised, that the whole point of looking at these images and shocking a viewer into action, will be lost, cause people turn blasé about it. Emotive visual journalism is a lost cause for a populace who day in day out see/hear such ‘stories’.

        With the aboriginals in Australia, dead people will be mourned, and their names not bought to the lips for a period of mouring, leave alone their pictures or dead pictures shown.
        I would take it down, for the comments as above, ‘hanging fruit’…?
        They need respect in atleast their deaths, life sadly failed to give them any.

        If the country does not jack up its value for women and children, that there, is the future of this country, hung by the neck.
        where the hell are the mugshots of the perpetrators? I saw pics of stupid gandhi and a couple of other useless people visiting the village to ’empower’ women. Why are the 2 police accused not named?

      2. Oh sorry about my reference to the strange fruit, i understand its the Billie Holiday song, clicked a bit later.
        i am too numbed and have seen far too many stupid comments akin to this being rape porn.

      3. Sorry for the mulitple posts, but the lyrics to the song (thanks to skulzstudios) maybe a worthwhile post:

        Southern trees bear strange fruit,
        Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
        Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
        Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

        Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
        The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
        Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,
        Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

        Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,
        For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
        For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,
        Here is a strange and bitter crop.

  2. Oh…this is painful…on many levels…for many reasons 😦
    I think it’s important that more people become aware of situations like this that happen all over the world.

  3. There must be an international law (through UN) requiring severe penalties for such crimes. The law must also include penalties for those who don’t investigate such crimes properly and does not implement this law.

    1. Thanks. It is horrible. More than the hanging and the rape, it’s the callous attitude that sickens me. With this attitude, change is difficult

  4. Seeing a photo like this can’t help but bring my mind to the horrors of slavery and ‘Jim Crow’ laws and actions in the U.S.. Different topics, but strangely similar on some level of my heart… very sad to think humanity has not left this behind…

      1. I was on a bike ride one day when I came across a mother deer and her young one crossing the road in front of me. I instantly froze out of respect to both the mother and the youthful curiosity of her child. I must have sat still. looking into the beautiful eyes of this mother for two full minutes as her child crossed the road behind her.
        Only when she was sure it had crossed safely into the brush, did she peacefully break eye contact with me and follow suit.
        It was one of the most beautiful and spiritual experiences of my life.
        Could humanity learn a little from the ‘beasts of the field’?


      2. I hope so indeed. I was in Pushkar, and took some photos of a monkey and her child. Maybe, I should write about it…

  5. the world is upside down the last are the first and quality fly away with the meaning of life which is fell the universe wonder

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