A Bit Of Whimsy – Delhi, Climate Change & Inter-Planetary Travel.

Where Is Delhi?
Where Is Delhi?

Hail, Ye Merry Mortals. The summer temperatures in Delhi touched 47.8 Centigrade. Accordingly, we decided to detach ourselves from Planet Earth, and escape..

As I write this post from outer space, I am listening to the immortal album called “Waiting For The Sun”, by The Doors. Ironic, yes?

Ye, who live on Planet Earth, I see, make television serials about inter-planetary, nay inter-galactic travel. This, my merry friends, is old. The technology is so old. You only talk about starships. We have managed this with an entire city.

I have read that, somewhere in the distant future, when the sun eventually dies, it will expand into a huge red ball, and will consume all, or most of the planets of the solar system. Planet Earth will certainly be one of these that will be consumed. As you, dear Mortals, kill your forests, and pollute the atmosphere, you will only hasten this fate. Oh yes, there are some who claim that the sun’s solar patterns have a major effect on the climate of the earth, and what we – you – humans do, is of small consequence. Ooooh yea, live in that illusion!

And so, we have decided to escape this terrible fate.

In our beloved city, we no longer care about global warming. We only care about local warming.

It is becoming hotter.

It seems as though Lucifer, or Mephistopheles, has come up from the depths of hell to punish everyone.

Our pilot hurtles our city forward.

But wait, we seem to be heading towards the sun…… We hurtle onwards to an early doom…

In our mad rush to celebrate this new technology of inter-planetary travel, we forgot the one cardinal rule that must never be forgotten: use new technology well, wisely, and for the benefit of mankind, and all that exist on the earth….

No escape from climate change……. None…

We are slowly frying………………….

Picture: courtesy The WhatsApp Circuit.



      1. Did you hear about the man in India that has been planting trees himself for over 30 years. He has practically rebuilt the forest himself. At first the villagers thought he was crazy, but now they support him and young people are following his example. It can start with just one person. I am going to look into tree and land recovery around here.

  1. I don’t understand many things. Here are two of them: 1. Why international community can’t stop deforestation? 2. Why in many countries millions of people get unemplyment benefits and governments don’t use these people at least a couple days each week for planting trees?
    Can anyone from Earth or from space answer these questions?

    1. At least in the United States it had been said that is equal to Indentured Servitude. That is a load if cr!#$$ However, because so many minorities are on welfare..and yes whites too, compare it to paid slavery. Again..a load of garbage. There are new arguments pending on putting people on the dole to work repairing our infrastructure. Great idea! Workfare!

      1. Well, here we have a national employment scheme for poor people. No money is being spent on actually making them employable.

      1. I am sure if Delhites would have option…they would have vanished so far 😀
        its burning like hell 🙂

  2. Riding bike on a hot summer noon in Delhi feels like swimming in fire. You are breathing air which is excruciatingly hot and you can clearly see the heat waves rising from the hot surface of the road.
    What a torture!

    Stay calm, stay calm!

      1. Coconut milk + Dhokla = Majjjja ni Life. (When two J’s are not enough)

        People no more wear lungi in cities. Would have been comfortable in this kind of heat.

        Aaah! Simple pleasures of life. Boom, vanished. And we are forced to wear these thick trousers and call ourselves gentlemen. Haha!

  3. Love the post! I’m feeling a little angry right now, not because of your blog, but because it reminded me of a newspaper article about this gigantic shopping center they’re building 20 miles down the road and how the metal poles holding up the roof of the Bass Pro Shop are encased in entire actual trees. Talk about deforestation.
    But I digress. Keep up the awesome. Stay cool (as possible).

    1. This is happening near where we live as well. There is a green forested belt that the government plans to give to “developers”. Developing what, I wonder?

  4. I like the way you use the lighter tone to drive home a rather serious point. There is this environment week campaign that’s been happening in our city, and you really do want to be able to make a difference. But I think the idea of going green is more appealing to us all than the actions that we need to take. May be just slowing down and breathing slowly will help drop the overall heat on the planet. Looking for a simple and do-able way to slow the inevitable destruction of planet earth. Hope Delhi is saved! enjoy the ride though… 😉

  5. I am seeing changes everywhere. Just yesterday, I saw Gackles begin to flock, and I was shocked. Just shocked. This is ONLY June, beginning of, and these birds are not supposed to migrate until late August. We’ve had a lot of rain here as well, but the puzzling thing is, the creek beds still remain very low. So where is all this water going? Anyways, great article!!! Thank you! xx Amy

      1. It concerns me greatly to see birds begin to flock. We had the most brutal winter here last year, and honestly, I cannot live through another one. Our summer just got going, because it has been SO cool. Everything bloomed late and when they did bloom, went down really fast. Waterbeds are low, temps are all over the place, droughts, floods … this planet is in big trouble. Ya don’t see that on the news though.

      2. You’re right. This news never makes it to the press. Our summer was brutal, and the power kept breaking down. So, we buy diesel to run back up power at home, adding to the pollution. We are wise, very wise.. In our wisdom, we are polluting our planet.

      3. Yet they who have the technology to bring clean energy to earth, are being blocked by the greedy oil companies. Yes, we could be living without oil in our lives, but do you think those oil companies will let go of the greed reigns? I don’t know what will have to happen to turn this world around. Perhaps it is already too late. Now I do not like to be pessimistic in the least so I do live and speak and write from the glass half full, most of the time. I am far from stupid though, and yes, I do see and I have keen observation skills. Where this is all going to end is beyond me. I don’t like to think about it. No. Rather I focus on Nature and all that IS good in this world. So many of us are caught between a hard place and a hard rock. For real.

  6. I was obsessed with astronomy as a kid and loved to think of things on a greater scale…leading to the inevitable metacognition–thoughts about how my own thoughts (and by proxy, existence) was basically negligible. And isn’t it cool how these beings that barely matter have evolved into an awareness of how inconsequential they are? 🙂

  7. Finally, Bangalore is getting some rain and cloudy weather. But yes, over the last 5-6 years at least there has been drastic changes in the climate.

  8. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    Let us congratulate our administration, (previously called government) for taking us to the stage of enabling whole cities on Interplanetary travel.

    But who knows what all other cities and villages besides delhi are doing this!

    A Very good post by Rajiv.

  9. Good post, Rajiv! The problem is that our politicos are related to rhinos, as far thickness of skin is concerned. What works with them is the good old stick on the head. Very primitive. On the other hand, WE creatures find it difficult to get down to their level. Hm…

    Had noticed the point about the Man who Created a Forest. His deeds have earned him a page on Wikipedia, no less. As follows for those who might be interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jadav_Payeng

    Thank You for Your kind appreciation. Regards.

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