A nice poem to a creation made by me on my IPad!



The Monster lurks beneath your bed,

Waiting to rear his Frightful head

To pander to your most prolific fears,

Stretching moments into Endless years.

Growling and hissing in the Infertile Hush,

While All your Thoughts Spiral in a torturous Rush,

The Monster Smiles with languid Guise,

Watching Triumphantly as from Sleeplessness you Rise.

This hand crafted image was provided to me by Rajiv Chopra found at: as a visual Challenge, to see what sort of poem I might come up with. As soon as I opened the picture file he sent, the first thought that came to mind was InsomniaÔÇŽso I ran with it. Thank you Rajiv for the Inspiration. I enjoyed the mental exercise!

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