A Bit Of Whimsy – 5. Whats App Poetry, Heaven’s Mandate and The Indian Elections

The Indian Election results are coming out, and wow! What results. For the first time in about 30 years, we the people have voted for a change ( yes Obama, we too vote for change we can believe in!!), and we have voted for a clear mandate. For the time being, the Gandhi family’s aura has been fading, and the people have voted. People have been sick of the corruption and rape (rape of women and rape of the country).

The elections have been remarkable for the amount of mud-slinging and vituperative remarks that have been flung about with gay abandon. The following poem that was forwarded to me on the WhatsApp circuit is a classic. But hey, sorry, you need to have been following Indian politics to really be able to sit back, read, and laugh your ass off! But still, enjoy the irony in the poetry. It is really cool, and it shows the power of these new forms of media and communication.

I have an early morning flight tomorrow, to Bombay, but when I am back, I shall (in the immortal words of Stone Cold Steve Austin – and I am an Undertaker fan – ‘have a cold one’).

But, enough about me.
On to the poetry

“And so we are here on the brink of D-Day
This week we shall know how our future will sway,
The duffer, the bluffer, the man with the muffler
Which one of these men we shall have to suffer.

If you voted for Modi, go jump in the sea
If you voted for Rahul, you’re dumber than he
If you voted for Kejri, then that should be fine
Because, sooner or later, the man will resign.

Democracy demands that we give them a chance
But, this time, I think, we should join in the dance
Coz whoever they are, the men at the helm
The country still belongs to us, not to them.

We gave them their seats, two-seventy-two
We voted them to power, between me and you
But whether they prove to be wise men or fools
The Nation is ours, so let’s play by the rules.

Let’s not break the law, can we please stand in line
Let’s not pull those strings to avoid paying those fines
Let’s finally get, that a red light means’stop’
Let’s not stoop to bribing the poor traffic cops

Let’s be part of the reason our country is great
Let’s be good citizens before it’s too late
Let’s serve our great country, without hesitation
Let’s all work together to build a strong nation.

Enough of the trolling, the barbs and the fights
Now, let’s stick together, stand up for our rights
Enough of debate on religion and caste
Now let’s be united, secular at last.

They might have the seats, two-seventy-two
But the country belongs to me and to you
And we’re a billion people, a billion and plus
At the end of the day, the onus is on us”

There is a lot of savage truth in this, something that the “effing” politicians often forget.

Something that most leaders often forget.

Heaven’s mandate, as my Chinese brethren say, is key to the success of a king and leader.

Else, the people rise up, and choose a new one.

What is happening today is nothing short of a democratic revolution. I know that American politicians, and British ones, will be wondering what the hell to do about our prospective leader.

May he not forfeit Heaven’s Mandate, or he too will be tossed out on his nose.

I hope not!


  1. I saw that result in the news just now. This is quite a change, and appeared to be a landslide victory from what I read. Hope the change that is wanted will come!

  2. Terrific prose, Raj. Clever words.
    And what an exciting (and nail biting) time for your country. My fingers are crossed the transition will be smooth(ish).
    Cheers to you! And here’s to change!

    1. Thanks a lot! Yes, this is,potentially, an exciting time, and a dangerous one. I hope that the Hindu fundamentalist party (this party does not stand for elections) that supports the new ruling party does not try to influence things. Else, we could have some dark days ahead.
      I keep my fingers crosses!

  3. Nice rhyming in the poem.
    Narendra modi is not that foolish to only do things in favour of hindus right?Let us atleast hope he does everything for our india 🙂

      1. The horror that were the elections. The campaigns, awful speeches by “Shahzada” and as one to have indured the last 10 years of Gandhi’s, I am glad NaMo is here.

  4. The best one yet!!! 😀 I had, and still have my reservations about our new PM. But so far so good, and fingers crossed. Willing to change my tune and sing Har, Har…. if need be 🙂

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