The Toughest Job In The World

This video was sent to me by my class mates via the WhatsApp circuit.

Now, this is a video that is worth watching before any one reads the words that I won’t write.

We do talk a lot about sustainability, leadership, strategy, ethics, the moral compass, and the other stuff like that. We define ourselves by our roles, and these make us feel good – CEO, Marketing Manager, CIO, CTO etc

We do talk a lot about the schools we have been to, the clubs we are members of, the connections we make, and the legacy we leave behind.

We don’t often talk about our foundational courses, and where the foundations of our character have been laid, and formed.

The basis of our character is laid at home, and this is something that our mothers give us.

The role of home maker and mom is one of the most under-rated jobs in the world, and is the one where the impact on the world is significant.

It’s good for us to take this time to remember the contribution that our mothers have made in helping shape us into the people we are today.


  1. I saw this video a few weeks ago- as soon as I was done I picked up the phone and called my mom- as much as I appreciated her already this video really accentuated all that she has done for me. I totally agree with you- mothers are sometimes completely ignored as the “foundation” of our education- thanks for pointing that out!

  2. This is the most pleasant job in the world not the toughest! Its not difficult to give unconditional and non-judgmental love to a person you give birth to and/or bring up. When egos get in the way especially in competition with children’s need for our time and money then everything goes wrong including maybe ending up with a cruel human being.

  3. Great video and great point. I know it’s for Mothers Day so my point is a slight red herring but remember the fathers… In this day and age the ‘toughest job in the world’ should be handled as much by the fathers as by the mothers! It is in our family.

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