And, introducing….

Now, I do not generally go around the place flapping my gums about a blog that I am starting, but I thought that I would do so this time.

When I started dabbling in photography years back, I was a young, broke engineer, and while I wanted to shoot in colour – using film – it was freakishly expensive. So, looking into the shallow depths of my wallet and my almost non-existent bank balance, I started to shoot with black and white film. Luckily for me, I soon fell in love with it and decided that this was a great way to go.

My earliest photographs were absolute rubbish,  but my youthful fantasies convinced me otherwise. Anyhow, against the usual grain, I persisted, and improved. Lot’s of people started to praise me, and then I became arrogant. My photographs lost their (ahem!!) lyrical quality and became pedestrian. I quit photography for ten years, and resumed only when I arrived in the country that I consider to be my second home – China (Singapore is a close number 3!)

I then discovered digital, and stopped black and white. In fact, I stopped film.

I have, in recent times, become a lot more serious about my love affair with photography, and we have become closer. I have not been shooting with black and white film, but have resolved that I will do so at least every three months. It is, after all, my first love!

Ever since I started blogging, I have seen some marvellous black and white photography sites, for instance by Cornelia Lohs(, or Ed Mooney( and one called The Gravel Ghost (Merillee Mitchell and her blog,

And so, borrowing from their example, I decided to start a blog focussing only on B&W photography.

This is called “A Gypsy’s Life in Black & White”. The address is

I am posting in a somewhat chronological order, so you will see some rather badly composed, scratched photographs. But then, what the heck…. It is a life in black & white after all!! The story of a love affair, if you must!



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