Breathless – NaPoWriMo

This is re-blogged from a marvellous blog by Morgan. She writes amazing poetry. I absolutely love what she writes
You will find her at http://book



As the Breathless Sky , in Softness, Awaits
The Loving Kiss of the Morning Sun,
Whispers Hover in the Shadowy Mists,
Singing in Harmony with the Renewal Begun.

As the Breathless Morning, lingering, Sighs
In Quiet, Delicate Shades and Hues,
My Waking Soul Draws a Perfect Breath,
Remember Love in the Beauty of Truth.

Breathlessness beats in Serene Accord
With the Pounding Rhythm of my Soaring Heart,
To Stand on the Mountain, in Veneration,
And Breathe in Love before the Day Starts.


Extraordinarily Beautiful Photograph taken by: Rajiv Chopra.

In a collaboration of his images and my words, this Poem was entirely Inspired by the Lush and Breathtakingly Beautiful photograph taken by Rajiv Chopra found at: Rajiv is a marvelous photographer who has shared his images, insights and inspirations with me for many months now and has been a delight to work with and get…

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      1. That was in the afternoon. April. Several years back when I was living in China. HuangShan. In Anhui province

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