Indian Ocean And The Passion Of Life

Live Passion!
Live Passion!

About twenty years ago, I bought an album called “Kandisa”, by an Indian group called Indian Ocean. I was hooked. The title song, “Kandisa”, means “praise”, and is an ancient Catholic Syrian hymn sung in Aramaic. The You Tube video, by the way, is that of a song that they played at the Spring Festival, an annual event of my alma mater, the Indian Institute of Technology, at Kharagpur, India. What a wild, wild place that is!

The bassist, Rahul (the one with the beard), it seems, is a PhD in environmental engineering and toxicology. He and Amit (the one with long hair) and two other chaps, founded the group about 25 years ago. Rahul was working in the corporate world, and chucked it up to live according to his passion.

When I met these chaps off-stage, before the show, they seemed like regular guys having fun. When they went on stage, they were transformed, and treated us to about 90 minutes of magic. They were in the zone, totally at one with their music, and with each other.

They were one with their craft.

They were one with each other, a team in perfect unison with each other. 

And that’s when I thought, wow, this is the power of passion, of following your path in life without fear. This can bring freedom.

It is an odd thing, but ever since my life veered off course, in a sense, some time back, I have read – or become more sensitive to – quotes on following your dream, breaking free from fear, living your passion. I came across this in a book called “The Art of Thinking Clearly”, in blogs like “The Better Man Project”, or poetry by Morgan in her blog (,and some more. And, every day, I inch further towards this elusive quantity, or quality, or experience, of following my passion.

What happened a lot in my generation, is that we were taught to be responsible, to have fixed careers, to be unswervingly loyal to the companies we worked for. Discovering ourselves could be something we could indulged in once our responsibilities have ended. Now, I have generally enjoyed much of the work that I have done. I have really enjoyed building the businesses for my companies, and for helping people grow. This has given me a lot of joy. I did, however, keep something of myself for that moment of relaxation, but never ‘owned’ the things that I am passionate about.

When I watched Indian Ocean play, much of what I read came back to me with a bang.

So, to those out there who chase the clock, it may be good to slow it down a bit, to pause and ask yourself – what is it that you are really passionate about? Will you, one day, discover the courage to break free from the past, to find yourself, and to follow your passion?


  1. Wonderful post and So true. I personally find it very interesting that when you are doing something that you are passionate about (for me my art) time or the illusion of it, seems totally suspended. Those moments are what makes live worth living and devoting as much time as possible to those moments is so important.

  2. Love it:

    They were one with their craft.

    They were one with each other, a team in perfect unison with each other.

    Reminds me of Yanni’s band/orchestra.

    Thanks for the follow. Appreciate the support.

    Cheerleading your way. =)


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