Just Thinkin’

This is a bit of an odd post. I have not posted in a while, and this is because I seem to have been a little short on inspiration these last days. And, I have also been a little short on sleep.

When I look back at the blog, I realize that I seem to have meandered in and out of topics. Now, I don’t want to be FOCUSSED!! I will not stay bound to one area. However, there are some areas that I will start to pay more attention to. 

Leadership, particularly my observations during my own path towards that elusive concept called “true leadership”. This is something that I intend to carry on, especially as most literature that I have come across focusses on those at the top of the organization, without actually talking about how you could possibly get there. 

Education. As a school kid, I hated studies with a passion and a vengeance. As I grew, I realized the importance of education, especially education that goes beyond gathering facts, and vomiting them out onto exam papers.

My whimsical thoughts on life, organization, and issues that concern us.

Hunger – body and soul


Finally, a few whimsical thoughts, or not, on the passion that drives us, and makes us who we are. Or not. 

Down the strange alleys of life I shall go, and let’s see where I end up. Between the Devil and the Deep Sea, I am sure, and this is not a bad place to be!


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