It’s All About Marketing, Dude! Sarcasm – Volume 1


Parking LotI was driving for a coffee this morning, and I needed to find a place to park. It had rained, and I had to drive around and around, looking for a place to park, a clean place to park.

Now, those who belong to the manicured and pedicured set (let’s call them the Mani-Pedi Group) simply ask their driver to park them right at the entrance to the place where they need to go, and nimbly and gingerly make their way to where they have to go, all the while holding their noses and trying to pretend that the sad problems of those who have to park their own cars just don’t exist.

Parking LotNow, I am not in the inner circle of the Mani-Pedi Group so, I drove around, and finally found a place that was tolerably dirty, and gingerly made my way to the coffee shop. I was miserably conscious of the fact that my dirty shoes would leave dirt marks on the floor of the coffee shop, and on the carpet of my car.

Not for the first time did I moan and cry about the sad state of India’s infrastructure. One, when chatting with my driver, I asked him if the people on the street liked the dirt that they sit in, and he looked at me and said, “Of course not, sir! We are humans, and we like a clean environment”. Of course, the desire for a clean environment does not extend to not littering the road. Ask not what the country can do for you. Ask what you can do for the country. These words of JFK are lost in the sands of time, as most people moan and moan about politicians. It is easier to crib about others, than to take responsibility for our own actions.

This happens not just in the “real world”, but also in the corporate world. Blaming others is the easiest thing to do!

Parking Lot 3Not for the last time, did I think that this is one reason why many Indians have drivers – to park the car!!

And then I thought, hey, there is a silver lining, a cunning conspiracy in allowing the infrastructure to crumble, in not creating parking lots.

It creates employment for whole troops of drivers, who must thank our political leadership for this employment opportunity.

Now that we have elections coming up, I would strongly suggest to the Congress or the BJP, that they make this a part of their electoral campaign. It does not matter that the poor roads actually increase the consumption of petrol, increase pollution, and ensure that many of us can use the traffic as a handy excuse for arriving late for appointments.

Given the inclusive growth agenda, a great marketing story is how they included generations of drivers in the India growth story!

After all, what matters is the spin that you create. What matters is the marketing campaign that you create! 

I am sure marketers don’t agree with me, but think of this from a Kotlerian perspective: we don’t need drivers, we want them! 

Employment generation at it’s best, and a new marketing campaign for the political leadership can be born!


  1. very simple way you suggest theparties what should be the agenda they should focus in coming elections, by giving nice e.g.
    means day todays life we will get marketing tips but the things is we have to open our eyes in all direction.
    i like to read your articles

    1. Thanks a lot Vijay..
      The main point in this article of mine, and I don’t know if I expressed myself well, is that there are too many people in power who will twist words and campaigns to suit their needs, while ignoring the problems on the ground

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